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Would YOU Take Steroids For More LIKES? Use Of Performance Enhancing Drugs On The RISE

Young males are under similar pressure to look as good as women – not be thin but to be muscular. Guys spend hours a day on social media, snapping the latest #ripped selfies from the gym, interacting and comparing ourselves to others… But is this focus on how we look really that good?

Turns out that pursuit for ‘likes’ can be dangerous, as a Crime Survey for England and Wales claims 60,000 people are using steroids to gain muscle, to become leaner and fitter or to get stronger. But experts who work with steroid users believe the real number of steroid users is much higher!

All you need to do is see how the typical male body is represented in both social and wider media, to see how big this problem is. It seems that people are feeling forced to ‘shred’ to the point of risking their health with steroids.

Several studies show that steroid use can cause huge health problems like liver malfunction, skin infections and heart problems. They can even cause psychological problems too, such as depression and body-image disorders.

And let’s not forget the other effects on your mental state – potentially causing a so-called ‘roid rage’ that has led to some horrific incidents in the past.

In fact, UK health workers and Public Health England have advised organisations and local councils to increase help for those using steroids. But it’s tricky because they will often never see themselves as drug users…

Currently, there are some initiatives in Britain like the Steroid Educational Toolkit, but work in this area is far behind the help in other areas, such as alcohol or other street drugs.

Nothing – and I mean NOTHING – will compare to healthy muscle building with a good meal plan and trips to the gym! This will create an equally strong physique without any of the huge health risks mentioned above.


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