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The SIX Most Annoying Gym Personalities

If you’re a regular at the gym, chances are you’re pretty familiar with at least a few of these “types” – and if you’re not, consider yourself lucky (or consider the fact that you might just be one of them yourself…!

1. The Hardman

More “The Incredible Hulk” than actual human… this guy is the guy that could probably knock you out with his little finger – or so he’d like you to think. Chances are you’ve never heard him actually say anything, but you’ve heard him communicating with other “hard men” through a distinct set of grunts. He uses weights that probably weigh more than you, and he’s not the type to hide it – watch out for the almighty CRASH as he drops his weight to let you, and everyone else in the gym, know he’s finished a set.

The Hardman

2. The Hoarder

Where are the free weights? The bench? The fitness ball you’ve had your eye on…? With “the hoarder” of course; they’re probably using them in front of the mirror (how else would they keep one eye on where all their meticulously hoarded equipment is?)  Ever heard the saying “sharing is caring”? They haven’t....

The Hardman

3. The Lurker

If you feel like someone is watching you, there may be a lurker nearby. Take a look behind the water cooler, or failing that, a large plant.  Why are they casually hanging around and not working out? Why have they come to the gym just to stand around and make you feel on edge? Try and ask them, if you can find them…

The Hardman

4. The Model

The “model’s” main goal in life? To make the rest of us feel just a little bit bad about ourselves. You know they’ve spent as long getting ready to go to gym as you do to go out on a Saturday night, but they’ll never admit it. They tend to come in packs, all equally as good looking and flawless, all chatting about the latest super-food-kale-berry-vitamin smoothie-shakes that keep their skin glowing! Models don’t sweat – they shine.

The Hardman

5. The Socialite

Yep, now the whole gym knows that they’ve got a dentist appointment on Monday, everything that everyone said to them at the weekend, and what their best friend’s dog ate for breakfast. You’ll probably never tell them to be keep it down, resorting instead to loudly tutting when they start shouting down the phone about the latest episode of your favourite Netflix series. This person should come with a spoiler alert warning!

The Hardman

6. The Trainee Teacher

They did GCSE P.E so of course they’re qualified to direct anyone and everyone on their technique – listen carefully and you might be able to hear them tell someone to eat more protein, less sugar, and to come in to see them tomorrow at 6am. If not, you’ll probably find them in the corner chatting up The Models – perks of the “job” eh! 

The Hardman