Looking To Build Muscle?

Start with the right food Start with the right food

Looking for muscle building food that's packed with protein and tastes delicious? Whether you're following a specific gaining diet, are looking to bulk up or simply want to eat good wholesome food, our range of muscle building meals are full flavour and have everything you need for gaining and maintaining that all important muscle.

Prepped Pots

No time to meal prep? Try our high protein, delicious ready meals and get 5 FREE when you buy 5 for just £20.99.

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Muscle Building Hampers

Love cooking yourself? Meal prep in bulk and fill the freezer with our best selling hamper offers and save up to £50.34

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Build Your Own Box

Packed with protein! You can choose your favourite lean meats in one handy delivery: Build Your Own Box and save up to 25%!

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Bulk Recipe Meal Kits

Out of inspiration? Delicious and perfect for bulking up, try our tasty recipe meal kits and save 20% when you buy 5 or more!

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MuscleFood Complete Meal Plan

Want everything completely taken care of? Our complete meal plan solution means you'll get 3 meals + 3 snacks per day delivered as well as a workout plan if you want it AND a supportive community

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