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Donna Docherty

Vital Statistics Start End
Weight 98.8kg 50.8kg
Dress Size 22 8

Looking at the slender images of 31-year-old Donna Docherty, it’s hard to believe that just two years ago, this petite gym fan weighed in at a shocking 15st 3lbs.

The now health conscious mum is, quite literally, half the woman she used to be after finally beating her addiction to junk food and replacing sugary snacks with high protein alternatives from yours truly!

Donna - Before & After

By making these small changes, and enlisting the knowhow of her PT Fraser, Donna watched her weight and waistline whittle away in just 12 months, dropping from a dress size 22 to 8 and from 15st to 8st.

Prior to this, Donna was a self-confessed junk food addict living on fish and chips and daily chocolate bars throughout her teens and twenties. This incredibly unhealthy lifestyle not only had a negative impact on her weight, but Donna actually got used to being overweight assuming that was normal for her.

A notion enforced by diets failing to shift her excess bulk and a massive effort to lose weight for her wedding day in 2011 only leading to her dropping one dress size for her big day.

Donna - Before & After

Finally a shocking photo of herself at Christmas 2013 made Donna realise she had a serious problem and she immediately went through her cupboards and threw away all the junk food and sweet treats.

She even cut fruit as she believed sugar to be her biggest downfall.

Donna also began hitting the weights section – hard – and, well, the results speak for themselves!

Now, Donna is a healthy, happy, sugar-free 8st, and she hopes her story will prove that it’s never too late to start transforming your life.

Her motto – don’t aspire to look like the celebs, just aspire to be the best version of you – a sentiment we couldn’t agree with more…

Interview with Donna Docherty

What made you realise you needed to change?

It was a picture I saw of myself from the summer. We were out for dinner with friends when we lived in Azerbaijan, and I was horrified with the way I looked.

I knew then I had to do something to lose weight - telling myself I will do it in the "New Year," but as the New Year got closer I seemed to get more eager to do it.

I woke up on 28th December 2013 and though if you’re going to do this Donna why are you waiting!? No time like the present!

How long did your transformation take?

My transformation took me exactly one year - 28th December 2013 and by the 28th December 2014 I weighed 8st 8Ib.

What was the first thing you changed?

Donna & daughter eating out

After seeing that shocking picture of myself, I took a really close look at my food consumption - realising my achilles heel was my super sweet tooth for sugary treats! So I threw the lot of them away...

  1. Milk chocolate
  2. Sugary sweets
  3. Yoghurts
  4. Fruits - even though the sugar is natural!

Did you workout and eat healthy before?

I had never ever been to the gym in my life! I ate what I wanted when I wanted without a care in the world.

I would have 2 cupcakes a day plus 2 chocolate bars (sometimes more), and I wouldn't care what it was doing to my health.

How did you change your lifestyle?

I just woke up on 28th December [2013], thought today is as good as any day to start and all the junk food went into the bin.

After this moment of clarity, I completely changed my approach to eating - cooking everything from scratch to really take control of my food intake.

I also knew I couldn't do this alone, and can honestly say having a training partner is a must, especially if you have an experienced one as I had.

My PT suggested I start to add a protein supplement into my diet, as my workout plan was changing and we were introducing more weights in to my routine. He pointed me in the direction of Muscle Food.

Donna Docherty

When did you discover Muscle Food - and how did we help?

I discovered Muscle Food when my PT suggested I start to add a protein supplement into my diet, as my workout plan was changing and we were introducing more weights in to my routine.

He pointed me in the direction of Muscle Food.

When I saw that there were healthier options to crisps, sweets and chocolate (from protein bars at the time). I started to introduce these things back into my diet.

You said you have a sweet tooth - how did you keep it at bay?

I realised early on that it's impossible to eliminate sweet treats entirely, but you can swap them out with healthier options from Muscle Food.

  1. Muscle Food Protein Bars
  2. Muscle Food Sugar Free Sweeties
  3. Muscle Food Protein Crisps
Sweet Cravings

How did you keep the weight off?

I love what I do!

I train with My PT two days a week. He keeps me very motivated and is always encouraging me in the gym when I doubt myself.

Fraser (PT) encouraged me and gave me confidence that I never had before with helping me change the shape and definition of my body.

Without Fraser’s help my body wouldn't be in this shape.

When I saw that there were healthier options to crisps, sweets and chocolate. I started to add these back into my diet.

Donna Docherty After Transformation

Has your transformation affected your friends and family?

My transformation has actually had an impact on my daughter - she sees me and understands the benefit of leading a healthy lifestyle. I was speechless when she voluntarily reached for the healthier food options!

My family and friends often ask me for recipes (for healthier family favourite meals) as we make meals from scratch in our house now.

Was working out at the gym challenging for you?

In the beginning, everything was a challenge for me at the gym due to being overweight. But I knew what I truly wanted and worked hard towards it.

As the weight started to melt away it all became a lot less challenging.

In the beginning I struggled to do box squats with no weights - nothing - just me squatting down onto a low box and back up again. But now I’m squatting with 80kg (a personal best) on my back!

What 3 tips would you give to people that want to lose weight like you?

  1. Don't aspire to get the look you think you want from all these famous stars in Magazines (because they don't really look like how they look in magazines).
  2. You need to be really self-motivated as no one is going to do it for you.
  3. Never give up! If I can do it you can do it - good luck! I hope to be reading your transformation story soon...

What is next for you?

Well, isn't that the golden question! Many people think that there is an end to a transformation - but when that gym bug bites, you never want to stop. I want to continue building more muscle, push myself and achieve some more personal best records.

If you're reading this and you're thinking of changing your life style. What are you waiting for? Go for it!!