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“New Year, New Me!” Do New Year’s Resolutions ACTUALLY Work? The Experts Respond…

  • Full of hope, many people will do some good old-fashioned resolution making for the New Year.
  • However, do they actually work for people?
  • Melody Coleman investigates, and provides her own top hints and tips for hitting those new year goals!

January 2016 brought feelings of hope, promise and fresh beginnings. With the world at our feet, and the possibilities endless, we revelled in boundless prospects.

12 months on, we're ready to go right ahead and close the lid on that can of worms, as hilariously depicted by the Internet below…

NY tweets

I think I speak for a LOT of people when I say that we want to do better in 2017. At least we left some room for improvement...

As a new year rolls around again, along with it comes some good old traditional resolution-making.

For some people, this means utilising in-depth planning techniques and laying down a detailed schedule of milestones and micro-goals.

Most of us however, like to discuss our desires with friends, post them on social media, or simply keep them locked up safely inside our minds, filed under "To-do... Tomorrow."

The abstract noun, "resolution," is defined as a firm decision to do or not to do something. A review of lab and field studies over an 11-year period shows that "in 90% of the studies, specific and challenging goals led to higher performance than easy goals, "do your best" goals, or no goals.

My own experience tells me that although the combination of deciding on a challenging yet achievable goal and setting out a strategy does give the highest chance of success, it isn't quite enough when it comes to meeting long term objectives.

Whatever hat I happen to have on, whether that of a Trainer, Nutrition Coach, business owner, or human being with ambitions and desires, effective goal-setting (and of course implementation) is a vital part of my day to day life.

NY Resolutions

As it turns out, this can be a tricky process - not only do the objectives have to be dialled in just right, but the plan has to suit the individual to a tee in order for it to be easily and fully executed.

Year-round I encourage myself, my clients, and friends to stay mindful of the bigger picture when it comes to reaching personal and professional targets.

This gets me thinking - what is it about the beginning of the calendar year that reminds us so powerfully of our greater intentions, and prompts us to set plans for the future?

Surely, if we are to succeed in such important endeavours then we should remind ourselves of them not only at shorter intervals, but also for a far longer period of time? Let’s find out…

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