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“New Year, New Me!” Do New Year’s Resolutions ACTUALLY Work? The Experts Respond…

Achieving our biggest, most meaningful goals is rarely something that occurs within the confines of a single 12-month period. A long-term mindset and regular evaluation are key elements when it comes to success.

After some fascinating discussions, and further research and consideration, I realise that the act of setting new year's resolutions can be viewed as part of a vicious cycle that sets us up for failure.

As a society, we are primed by our cultures and traditions, our peers, our families, and of course the media. Like the proverbial sheep, we really do follow the crowd when it comes to our outlook and practises in daily life, and in doing this we distance ourselves from our core values.

In the UK at least, the public mood appears to follow a seasonal cycle that is impacted by national holidays along with other important world events.

NY Resolutions

It is only at the start of each year that we hold this wider perspective on life, which might last for up to three months before we relax back into an ingrained routine of enjoying the refreshing spring time, active and social summers, cosy autumns in woolly jumpers, and hibernation with quality family time during the winter, all the time convincing ourselves we're too busy or tired to work on those ageing resolutions.

Unfortunately, as is the status quo in human behavioural cycles, we are not in the habits of a) questioning that to which we are accustomed, which might lead us to b) the trial and application of better techniques to lead a more fulfilling life.

If you really have a goal, it should be something you are conscious of year-round, not just when prompted through annual tradition.

Who cares if "hygge" is all the rage this winter? Forget the creature comforts and step outside of your comfort zone.

NY Resolutions

In remaining mindful of our goals, assuming they're important and meaningful ones, this is where we break the vicious cycle. Quite simply, if something is important, we must make time for it, rejecting excuses and tackling obstacles as they occur.

So, seeing as we find ourselves entering another 12 months of possibilities, let's incorporate into our resolutions the aim to hold a sense of perspective from here on in.

Let's resolve to realise our dreams and prepare ourselves to mobilise the time, effort, and resources to do so. Because something so important shouldn't be reserved for a single annual moment of consideration.

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