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POLL: Do New Year’s Resolutions Actually Work For You?

  • The time has come for millions of Britons to set their New Year’s Resolutions for 2017.

  • While we may assume people appreciate this opportunity to hit that “reset button” on life, a survey proves otherwise.

  • This study has shown that 26% of British adults made a New Year’s Resolution, with only roughly one in eight of those adults successfully sticking to it.

  • But every person is unique, with different motivations. So, that leaves one big question – do New Year’s Resolutions actually work for you?

  • Take part in our poll below!

New Year's Resolutions 2017

Christmas is almost here and while the dust settles on what has been a weird 2016, it’s usually time for people to look ahead and plan their New Year’s Resolutions.

Unsurprisingly, a survey by BUPA showed that most people in the UK said they would set a goal of exercising more or losing weight, if they were to make a Resolution.

BUT, while you may think that the entire population does it, but to think that would be a wild over-estimation… The survey showed that only 26% of British adults made a Resolution.

Even more alarming is that out of these, only 12% managed to stick to them – with the vast majority failing within January.

Question for YOU - Take Part in our Poll

When asked why they failed, the most common reasons were a “lack of commitment” and a “loss of motivation.”

Why is this? Well, many experts have a few different theories that make a lot of sense:

  • Goal-setting like this sets the precedent that you are not happy with your life, greatly affecting your self-confidence and motivation by extension
  • Resolutions are established by looking at the judgement of others – what they expect you to do. This is also a confidence killer.
  • The timing is all wrong – you come back off your Christmas holidays and crash land into your working reality, spending most of your time in the dark where summer is 6 months away. It’s a dull time, and you expect to keep a resolution during it?

Question for YOU - Take Part in our Poll

However, no matter what the experts or the polls say, every single person is different. You share a unique set of goals and motivations to the next person, or anybody who took part in these studies. They can only go so far.

So, I’ve got a question – do New Year’s Resolutions actually work for you? Hopefully you’ve taken the polls dotted throughout this article up until now. I want you to be 100% honest with yourself in this last question.

Question for YOU - Take Part in our Poll

Have YOUR say in the comments!


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