Award-winning produce
Freshly prepared for you
Rated Great on Trustpilot
Next day delivery available
Award-winning produce
Freshly prepared for you
Rated Great on Trustpilot
Next day delivery available

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  • Sourced From British & Irish Farms
  • Matured for a MASSIVE 28 days
  • Hand trimmed by our expert butchers

If you haven't tried yet, you will LOVE THEM…

  • Matured for a MASSIVE 28 Days
  • Premium Beef from British & Irish farms
  • Finely marbled for robust flavour & tenderness
  • Bring home the flavour of the finest restaurants
  • Extra-trimmed for added leanness
  • This stunning beef has to be tasted to be believed

Sourced from free range, grass fed & British cattle...

Noel is one of the British farmers behind our mouth-wateringly tasty Beef, and like all our farmers he believes that starts with outstanding animal welfare. That is why we raise our cattle free range on a grass based diet ensuring they are happy and create outstanding quality produce.

...hand trimmed and cut by our expert butchers...

It takes passion, knowledge and experience to serve you the juiciest and most succulent steaks. Our expert butchers have matured your steaks for 28 days, using wet and dry techniques for the most flavoursome melt-in-you-mouth steaks you have EVER tasted.

...the best steaks you will EVER taste!

There is nothing quite as gratifying as chomping down on a prime, 28 day matured, mouth-watering steak. Seriously, you will never taste steak this good.

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Your Great Tasting Steak Pairings

12 x 200g Premium Chicken Breasts
£19.00 £12.50

Succulent, tender and hand trimmed with no added salt or water. These Great Taste Award winning chicken breasts are simply divine.

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Rich Red Chilli & Garlic Sauce
£3.45 £2.00

This is the ticket to healthy hotness on your dinner – spice things up with a deliciously Rich Red Chilli & Garlic Sauce.

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500g Skin On Sweet Potato Wedges
£2.00 £1.45

These sweet and tasty wedges have been cut into perfectly portioned wedges so you don’t have to but we’ve left the skin on for added goodness.

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500g Lucy Bee Coconut Oil
£8.49 £7.00

Made using a special cold pressing process, Lucy Bee is 100% raw, organic and unrefined – so it’s as natural and wholesome as coconut oil can get.

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10 x Grillstock Deep South Seasoning
£4.50 £4.50

Sprinkle generously over any meat you fancy giving that deep south flavour to then pop on the grill and let the aroma whisk you away to the Deep South.

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Beef Lasagne & Italian Veg
£4.95 £4.00

Beef Whole-Wheat Lasagne with Sweet Parmentier Potatoes, Fennel Seeds and Roasted Italian Vegetables hand-made for you by our Michelin star trained chef.

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  • The meat I've ordered over the last year has consistently been of a fantastic quality. There are always brilliant offers on the website that mean the price is more than reasonable and definitely cheaper than the supermarket.


  • My first order with musclefood and it went flawlessly. Great value bundle and I could choose when I wanted it delivered. The food tastes great as well. I will be ordering a lot more in the future!


  • The meat is good quality, worth every penny. Definitely recommend this company. Will be buying from you again. Thank you musclefood.


Multi-Award Winning Nutrition Experts

* Normal order conditions apply, including £25 minimum spend for chilled orders after discount and our usual £3.95 standard delivery charge. This before price is based on the price this hamper will normally cost as of 5th January. musclefood reserves the right to extend or cancel this promotion at any time. No code needed.