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Nutrition For Kids – How To Teach Good Nutrition To Your Children

By Ben Coomber

Why is it?

I reckon because its marketed at adults and has pictures of muscular men on the front, but it’s just a source of protein. That’s it! It’s essentially a blended chicken breast, but it could allow us to easily get more protein into kids diets by creating things like protein porridge, protein pancakes (both sweet and savoury) and smoothies.

Now I’m not saying they should, I will always favour real food over whey, BUT, when a kid is fussy but they will eat strawberry flavoured porridge made with whey protein with a few strawberries on top, that’s not a ½ bad breakfast for a kid, especially if someone is struggling with them being fussy.

Why bring up the topic of protein? Because it’s important for you and me, and so is it for our kids. They need it too, just not quite as much.

Nutrition For Kids

Aiming to get 10-20g in most meals a kid eats is key, so having them eat 2-3 small eggs, having 15g of whey protein, 150-300g of yogurt, animal protein, beans and pulses etc all goes a long way in helping them grow and develop.

Fruit and vegetables, another key topic. Many kids will only eat a few, and many parents want more options, and by all means explore them, keep trying new things and make it fun and a game and an adventure, but at the same time if your kids will only eat 4-6 types of fruit and or vegetables, then it’s really important that they are at least eating these 4-6 types all the time, pushing this as their intake, at least they will be getting vitamins, minerals etc from these foods.

Many parents will buy enough of these vegetables and fruits for a few days, then it peters off and its back to starchy carbs in many forms for the bulk of their intake, keep getting those foods in, cause if it’s the best you can do, then it’s the best you can do, so just keep working with that and explore options periodically.

Then there are all the other things that we try and do as adults, eat plenty of fish, push for variety, eat as much whole food as possible, drink lots of water, limit stress and caffeine, and live the best life we can with food being a platform for that.

Now more than anything this article is aimed to make you think, not to question, or point a finger, or accuse, but to make you think about what you are feeding your kids, and simply if it can be improved, and list a few simple strategies to do just that.

Nutrition For Kids

Thus, to help, here is a completely free eBook to help you do just this, it will cover a ton of information including; the early years, benefits of eating real food, protein fat and carbohydrate sources, reading food labels and buying food, mastering the shopping list, food ingredients, meals and recipes, and more.

Grab your free copy here, and let’s make some positive changes, not just for ourselves, but for our kids:


Jamie Lloyd


About Ben

Ben Coomber is a performance nutritionist (BSc, ISSN), educator, speaker and writer.

Ben run’s Body Type Nutrition, an online nutrition coaching company that also runs a multi-level, online nutrition course, the BTN Academy. Ben has the UK’s #1 rated health and fitness podcast on iTunes ‘Ben Coomber Radio’ with regular Q&A’s and expert interviews. Ben also owns Awesome Supplements, a brand offering clarity in the confusing world of supplements. Connect with Ben over on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or Instagram.

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