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One Day Of Overeating Isn’t Likely To Cause Fat Gain – Here’s Why

We all know the feelings we get from overeating.

By Phil Graham

  • The guilt
  • The bloat
  • And, of course, the meat sweats

The thought of overeating gives most fitness fanatics and dieters nightmares especially when they’re trying to lose fat.


However, most of these nightmares result from misinformation and lack of understanding of human nutrition. Overeating is overrated when it comes to fat gain. In this short article, I want to highlight 3 key points why you shouldn’t dwell on one day of overeating and in some cases, use it to your advantage.

3500kcals in 1lb of Body fat

We know that a pound of fat contains in and around 3,500 calories of energy.

Media would have you believe that you need to eat 3,500 fewer calories to lose a pound of fat or conversely, eat 3,500 calories above your maintenance level of calories to gain a pound of fat.

Is it really that simple?


Click through to find out why…


Jamie Lloyd


About Phil

Renowned Sports Nutritionist and author and competitive bodybuilder Phil Graham has established himself as one of UK’s leading fitness educators, coaches and personal trainers.
Phil coaches 1000's of personal trainers every year through his seminars and workshops. He actively writes for many of the major fitness publications, hosts the popular Podcast Elite Muscle Radio and has recently published the first muscle building and fat loss fitness book for people living with diabetes (The Diabetic Muscle and Fitness Guide).

Phil’s main coaching website or connect on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram

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