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Many overeaters compensate their overeating behaviour by underrating or being more active days after

This limits the potential for fat gain as an individual’s energy balance can often be balanced out across the week to support weight maintenance and, in some cases fat loss.

I’m not a big fan of overeating one day and ‘burning it off’ the next. This yo-yo mind-set is an unsustainable way to live and will zap your energy and mood.

It takes days/weeks of overeating to store noticeable levels of excess body fat under the skin. The reality is most people think it happens after one meal. This simply isn’t the case.


There are a huge number of factors that influence body fat storage, from the time it takes food to digest, daily fluctuations in non-exercise physical activity right through to the effects of hormones.

Fat is only stored when calories are eaten in excess. To reach a level of excess requires long term over eating – not just a single meal or day.


Jamie Lloyd


About Phil

Renowned Sports Nutritionist and author and competitive bodybuilder Phil Graham has established himself as one of UK’s leading fitness educators, coaches and personal trainers.
Phil coaches 1000's of personal trainers every year through his seminars and workshops. He actively writes for many of the major fitness publications, hosts the popular Podcast Elite Muscle Radio and has recently published the first muscle building and fat loss fitness book for people living with diabetes (The Diabetic Muscle and Fitness Guide).

Phil’s main coaching website or connect on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram

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