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Energy intake chases energy output. (and vice versa)

A relatively lean body senses being overfed and increases its non-exercise physical activity, to compensate for the extra energy consumed.

Talking, fidgeting and moving about more are key elements of non-exercise physical activity. In obese individuals, the message of receiving surplus energy isn’t communicated as effectively to the body due to impaired cell and hormone signalling (resistance)


The type of food you overeat matters a great deal


Calories from carbs can be stored as muscle and liver glycogen, with an average around 300 to 500 grams.

Different people have different amounts of stored carbohydrate in their bodies. Those with fuller glycogen stores are at greater risk of fat gain, while those with lower stores (as a result of exercise or planned ‘low carb’ eating) have the potential to eat more calories from carbs, before it turns to fat.

Protein’s very hard to overeat

When was the last time you overate steak?

Thought so. It’s difficult to do.

Protein suppresses appetite and boosts thermogenesis. (the body uses more energy to process it) meaning less energy is yielded than what’s stated on the nutrition label.

Carbs and fat on the other hand require less energy to process and yield more energy per gram.



Fat is stored as … fat (with little effort)

It’s easy to overeat, tastes great and packs 9kcals per gram.


Calories from alcohol are easy to overconsume (even more so when drunk).

The body burns up alcohol for energy (to avoid alcohol toxicity), which reduces the body’s ability to burn fat and other fuel sources.

Also, appetite is an issue when drinking, especially when the night comes to an end.


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