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The Pepsi Pledge: Should Companies Be Morally Obliged To Make Their Products Healthier?

  • PepsiCo recently pledged to cut sugar in their soft drinks, as their industry came under close scrutiny.

  • Should companies have the moral obligation to keep their products as healthy as possible for consumers?

  • Or should they wait until the law catches up with them?

  • Let us know your thoughts in our poll!


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Following the latest dietary guidelines of the World Health Organisation, beverage giant PepsiCo announced plans to cut sugar content and calories in their drinks.

By 2025, their plan is to cut sugar by at least two-thirds and reduce the calorie count to 100 or fewer. The company will also have an “increased focus on zero and lower-calorie products,” according to a company release.

This is a positive step made by the company, but it came after increased scrutiny in the industry. Now, a simple question comes from this – should a company wait for the law before working to improve the health credentials of their products? Or, should they have the moral obligation to make their food/drink healthier?

Because, even though guidelines and laws do work to bring everyone in line, the evidence of potential health risks exist for years before companies feel forced to change – take sugar contributing to obesity and an increased risk of heart disease for example.

glass of cola

But even with ample evidence, these companies waited for the WHO to urge government to work in cutting consumption – by taxing sugary drinks.

That’s right. Tax. The moment their bottom line was going to be affected, the plan was put in place to make things healthier. Is that right?

I would say “no,” primarily because of the way we do business. At Muscle Food, we don’t want to succeed in spite of the customer, we want to help empower and support every person to eat healthy – educating about good nutrition and providing them the food to do so.

But we want to know your thoughts! Do you feel companies should continue working to make their products healthier, regardless of what the law is?

Should they do business while keeping your best interests at heart? Pop your answers in the poll.

Share your thoughts in the comments!


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