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Luxury Fresh Christmas

Feeds 6-8 Adults

Serve your family a spectacular Christmas feast with this hamper - feeding 8 people that is just £6.12 per head.

Gourmet Christmas Breakfast:

  • 6 x 75g Meaty Breakfast Sausages
    (Made From British & Irish Pork)
  • 10 x 35g Breakfast Bacon Medallions
    (Hand Trimmed By Expert Butchers)

Luxury Christmas Dinner:

  • 3-3.4kg Luxury Fresh Turkey Hen
    (Fresh, Slow Grown & Simply Divine!)
  • 20 x 35g Unsmoked Streaky Bacon
    (Cover Your Turkey For Extra Flavour!)
  • 32 x 28g Chipolata Sausages
    (Superb Flavour - Succulent & Juicy!)
  • 2 x 454g Pork Sausage Meat
    (Made From British & Irish Pork)
  • 20 x 25g Pigs in Blankets
    (Hand Rolled & Truly Gorgeous!)
  • 24 x 30g Sage & Onion Stuffing Balls
    (Made From British & Irish Pork)

Plus Fresh Christmas Veggies…

& These Extra’s…

  • 2kg Whole Roasting Potatoes
    (For Beautifully Fluffy Roasties!)
  • 1kg Whole Carrots
    (Super Fresh & Gorgeous Flavour!)
  • 800g Whole Red Cabbage
    (Super Fresh & Gorgeous Flavour!)
  • 500g Brussels Sprouts
    (Super Fresh & Flavoursome)

& These Extra’s…

  • 220g Luxury Turkey Gravy
    (Luscious, Glossy & Divine!)

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Super Chilled Delivery:

If there is one company you can trust with your Christmas, it is us. We have thousands of happy customers from delivering award-winning Christmas produce over the past 3 years. With our unique packaging which keeps our food chilled for 48 hours, we know how to ensure your Christmas dinner arrives with you in perfect condition.

This hamper is only available for delivery from Tuesday 20th December to Friday 23rd December, because everything in your hamper has been freshly prepared for cooking on Christmas Day.

Super Chilled Delivery:

As the season of feasts approaches, we are asking you to support British butchers. You want the best for your family this Christmas and our expert butchers have pulled out all the stops guaranteeing you exceptional quality and produce sourced from trusted and reputable farmers, where animal welfare is paramount.

2014 1 Star Winners include Premium Chicken Breast Fillets

2015 1 Star Winners include Great British Venison Steaks

2015 2 Star Winners include Maple Cured Bacon

2016 1 Star Winners include Great British Fillet Steaks


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3-3.4kg Luxury Fresh Turkey Hen

Winning multiple Great Taste Awards means we know gourmet produce. After 8 months of taste testing, we bring you a Fresh, slow grown Turkey which we believe is simply divine and easily beats others on taste!

• On Site: £30
• Minimum Weight: 3.2kg
• Christmas Centre Piece

6 x 75g Meaty Breakfast Pork Sausages

Our freshly made super Meaty Pork sausages are a real family favourite! So, scrumptious, these 6 large proper juicy and tender pork sausages won't sit around on the Christmas Dinner table for long!

• On Site: £4
• Overall Weight: 454g
• Customer Favourite

10 x 35g Breakfast Bacon Medallions

Gourmet bacon medallions made from our Customer Favourite Unsmoked Back Bacon. Pair with your tasty Meaty Pork Sausages or top your Turkey for a real Gourmet Turkey treat!

• On Site: £4
• Overall Weight: 350g
• Customer Favourite

20 x 35g Unsmoked Streaky Bacon

Whether you make more Pigs in Blankets, or simply cover your Turkey for extra flavour - we assure you our gourmet Streaky Bacon will bring smiles to every face this Christmas!

• On Site: £6
• Overall Weight: 700g
• Award Winning Supplier

32 x 28g Chipolata Sausages

So succulent and flavoursome your taste buds will be dancing after one bite. Wrap in streaky bacon and make more rather gorgeous Pigs in Blankets, or serve on the table and watch them go quick!

• On Site: £6
• Overall Weight: 896g
• Award Winning Supplier

2 x 454g Pork Sausage Meat

What is Christmas dinner without seriously tasty stuffing? Mixed with our Luxury Sage & Onion Stuffing Mix and you will have some truly gorgeous stuffing indeed!

• On Site: £6
• Overall Weight: 908g
• Award Winning Supplier

20 x 25g Pigs in Blankets

Freshly made using our finest Meaty Pork Chipolatas, and hand rolled in Streaky Bacon. These gourmet Pigs in Blankets were one of our Christmas best-sellers last year - you loved them so much we sold out 6 times!

• On Site: £6
• Overall Weight: 500g
• Christmas Essential

24 x 30g Sage & Onion Stuffing Balls

Newly introduced to our Christmas range, gorgeous Gluten Free Stuffing Balls, a serious Christmas Dinner favourite! In a tradition Sage & Onion flavouring… Simply divine paired with our Turkey!

• On Site: £8
• Overall Weight: 720g
• Christmas Essential

2kg Whole Roasting Potatoes

What is Christmas without proper, crispy roasties which are fluffy on the inside? We have done our research and found you the perfect potato, so you have the ultimate roasties this year!

• On Site: £3
• Overall Weight: 2kg
• GMO Free

1kg Whole Carrots

Sweet, delicious and absolutely bursting with delicious flavour… What would Christmas be without them? Simply boil and serve or glaze in honey for extra flavour.

• On Site: £1.50
• Overall Weight: 1kg
• GMO Free

500g Unpeeled Brussels Sprouts

Ready for you to chop up and prepare in any way you see fit, red cabbage is the perfect, flavourful accompaniment to your Christmas Turkey.

• On Site: £1.50
• Overall Weight: 500g
• GMO Free

800g Whole Red Cabbage

The finest quality and already washed, sliced and bagged ready to use - whether you are braising with spices and other extras or just boiling, we want to make your Christmas prep easy this year!

• On Site: £1.50
• Minimum Weight: 800g
• GMO Free

220g Luxury Turkey Gravy

Luscious, glossy gravy packed with gorgeous flavour - this Luxury Turkey Gravy is perfect for pouring all over your Christmas roast!

• On Site: £2
• Overall Weight: 220g
• Christmas Essential

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2.5kg Gorgeous Easy Carve Ham

If there is one thing that will make your Christmas feast even better, it is this beauty!

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Luxury Goose Fat & Cranberry Sauce

Luxury Goose Fat & Cranberry Sauce

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Luxury Four Bird Roast with Stuffing - 1.5kg

1.5kg Luxury Four Bird Roast & Stuffing

Succulent and tender Turkey, Duck, mouth-watering Chicken and Goose, rolled and bound into one joint

Just £25.00
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Classic Christmas Trimmings - Serves 6-8

Classic Christmas Trimmings (Serves 6-8)

Add the finishing touches to your dinner this festive season with our Christmas Trimmings selection!

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