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POLL: What Do You Listen To During Your Workout?

  • Workout music taste is a widely-discussed subject here at Muscle Food HQ

  • With so many viewpoints on what genres of music really push you at the gym, we need your help deciding

  • What does the nation love to listen to while working out? Take part in our poll and let’s settle this debate

Listening to Music While Working Out

Music is an essential part of any workout.

We even wrote a story about the psychology of workout music – simply put, you can’t be at your best in the gym without a good beat.

But one question remains: what is the best music to listen to during your workout? Everybody has their own answer!

From the metal heads in the corner who prefer a bit of Parkway Drive while lifting, to those who prefer the house/electronic beats of Ibiza while they run, we all have a different opinion.

So, before music warfare breaks out in the office, we need you to pop your answers in the poll below.

Maybe you have a specific genre? Maybe you listen to a mix? Maybe you don’t even listen to music while working out – opting for either podcasts or watching Netflix like one weirdo (…that weirdo would be me)? Let us know!

Share your favourite music in the comments!


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