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37 BILLION Reasons Why Corbyn Will Banish Obesity


Got your attention? Fantastic!

It seems like only yesterday we were all debating whether Cameron, Clegg, Farage or Milliband would be the next Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Indeed, it was only two years ago in 2015, but thanks to… well… lots of things happening between now and then - Brexit, Trump, three rounds of Bodypower - here we are again, facing a tough decision as to who should run the country.

Unlike 2015, however, where four candidates were battling it out for the PM seat, only two are making waves in 2017 - Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn. A classic Conservative, Labour showdown.

But, we’re not here to discuss the nitty gritty - we could, but we don’t want to. We want to talk about which party would be best for the health and fitness of the nation. Who has the gall to stand up to obesity and make the UK a mantle for health?

It's been five years since the “Beefcake tax” where VAT was added to fitness supplements, protein shakes, meal replacements and other products designed to promote health, hiking prices and leaving many out of pocket and unable to afford such basic tools for fitness.

It was a tax many deemed unfair while sugar appeared to get off scot free - despite Jamie Oliver’s best attempts. In fact, it wasn't until March 2017 - five years later - that the government FINALLY admitted that a sugar tax was needed.

The thing is, in the past five years since VAT was added to supplements, the UK has become known as the “fat man of Europe,” with one in four adults diagnosed as obese.

In fact, the issue has become so severe that it is now listed as a priority for senior government health officials with forecasts predicting that by 2050, 90 percent of the population will be obese if things don’t change.

So who’s going to change them?

Campaign Policies

Conservatives   Conservatives

  • £8 billion to the NHS over the next five years
    This is the same pledge the Tories made two years ago. This money is earmarked for an improvement to Mental Health services, create jobs and help tackle obesity head on.
  • Childhood Obesity Strategy
    As part of their manifesto, the Tories will implement the Childhood Obesity Strategy aimed at targeting type 2 diabetes by introducing a sugar tax in April 2018. They will also cull universal free lunches for infants (starting with England) saying the money saved will be used to provide free breakfasts for all children in primary school.
  • Rule out VAT increase
    This would mean the 20 percent hike we all endured in 2011 will remain the same so the cost of your favourite supplements should remain affordable.

  • Theresa May - Conservatives

    • £37 billion in funding for the NHS
      Labour plans to reach this mammoth target by levying income tax from the highest 5% of earners and increases in private medical insurance. The money will then be used to secure and create jobs and target key issues like Mental Health and obesity. Good in theory, but may encourage high earners to leave the country.
    • No junk food before the watershed
      In a bid to tackle obesity head on, Labour will ban all junk food advertisements before 9pm and introduce a new Child Health index to measure progress against international standards.
    • Raise Corporation Tax to 26% in five years
      This money would be used to fund other areas of Labour’s manifesto but could encourage business to move elsewhere, which may increase the cost of goods.
    • Jeremy Corbyn - Labour

    • £9bn extra per year for NHS by 2021/2022
      Funded by cuts to the foreign aid budget, this money will be used to improve mental health services and target the obesity epidemic.
    • Increase income tax personal allowance to £13,500
      This means lower earners will have more disposable income. This could be good for sports nutrition as they may be more likely to spend more in supplements in spite of the 20 percent VAT hike.
    • Bring in measure to stop big corporations using “aggressive tax avoidance schemes
      This will help raise funds for things like the NHS so they can target unhealthy lifestyles. It will also hold big corporations accountable for tax avoidance but large companies may feel as though they are being policed and look to move away from the UK.

    • New Childhood Obesity Strategy
      Similar to Labour, the Lib Dems plan to ban all junk food advertisements prior to 9pm. They will also “amend” the Tories sugar tax, however specifics have yet to be released.
    • Add 1p onto income tax and ring fence the money
      This 1p income tax rise will be saved exclusively for the NHS and social care securing jobs, creating jobs and tackling major issues like obesity.
    • Reverse planned cuts to corporation tax, capital gains tax and inheritance tax
      An easy way to raise funds for a reduction in taxes elsewhere but may make it difficult for businesses to grow and thrive, including those involved with sport and nutrition.
Paul Nuttall - Ukip   Tim Farron - Liberal Democrats

This is a very brief look at some of the pledges of four of the parties vying for your vote on June 8th and how they may impact the Nation’s obesity issue.

Each party has recognised the need for reform and have made pledges to tackle the issue from infancy, but what about the adults of today?

Good habits are formed in childhood, yes, but there are many adults who simply don’t know where or how to start bettering their lifestyles - where is their support going to come from?

The fact is this, obesity is crippling our NHS - our country - and something has to be done to educate people in healthy lifestyle choices and encourage them to stick to them.

One way to do this is to boost sports nutrition and encourage fitness - so if it were up to you, how would you better the sports nutrition industry?

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