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Research Shows Pizza Can Make You Productive At Work – Thank You Science!

  • A new study shows that the promise of pizza increases productivity in the workplace

  • This incentive increased the work rate by 6.7%, which is even more than offering a cash bonus (4.9%)

  • Would you love some productivity-boosting pizza? Check out our Facebook giveaway to WIN Pizza for the entire office.


Pizza is life, but you’ve never found a better excuse to demolish one than “it's my cheat meal.”

Lucky for you, we’re about to give you one – science says eating pizza at work could increase your productivity in the workplace!

In the study from psychologist Dan Ariely’s new book Payoff: The Hidden Logic That Shapes Our Motivations, he worked with a computer chip assembly company in Israel and provided three groups with different incentives.

- Group one was offered a cash bonus of the equivalent to £20

- Group two was given compliments from the boss in the form of text messages

- Group three was promised pizza if they hit their targets

Group three beat all of them.


The Pizza group’s productivity increased by a massive 6.7%, with the complimentary text message group on 6.6% and the cash bonus (surprisingly) lagging behind at just 4.9%.

And these numbers were just on the first day… Over the week, the Pizza and Complimentary group stayed the same while the cash incentive group decreased.

So when you ask your boss to order the team pizza, show him this study as your permission slip for some cheesy, dough laden goodness in your life.

In fact, we’re going to make things easier for you… We’ll give you the change to win pizza for the ENTIRE OFFICE! How’s that for motivation?

All you’ve got to do is like and share the post we’ve embedded just below. Good luck!


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