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Rick Keyworth

Vital Statistics StartEnd
Weight: 15st 5lb12st 4lb
Body Fat: 25%12%
At the age of 21, Rick Keyworth was diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma, a particularly aggressive and rare cancer. After his diagnosis, seven months of intense radio and chemotherapy ensued and, in Rick's words, ravaged his body despite him continuing to train during his treatment.

Rick Keyworth - Before & After

Rick, however, was one of the lucky one's and beat the disease. Unfortunately, though, he is now more susceptible to life threatening conditions like heart attacks and strokes. However, he says that going through this harrowing experience was the wake up call he needed to transform his body and lifestyle from a party loving, overweight rugby player to a lean, healthy and passionate fitness enthusiast.

Immediately after his treatment stopped, he embarked on a long health journey that encompassed streamlining his nutrition and educating himself in the best possible methods and techniques to strip fat and build lean muscle.

He quickly discovered that while hitting the gym and pounding the pavements is important, nutrition is the real key in achieving weight loss. In fact, he went from being 25% body fat and 15 stone 5lb to 12% body fat and 12 stone 4lb.

He now lives life to the full and is dedicated to finding the perfect work-gym-life balance and he's even forged his fitness passion into a career as a unique and encouraging personal trainer.

He was even featured in a recent Daily Mail article, which you can read here…

Rick Keyworth - Before & After

Example Workout Routine

I use linear progression for my big lifts so all sets are usually with the same weight.

I also try to clean twice a week, usually in the form of a conditioning drill.

The conditioning work is either a separate session so on some days I would do 2 sessions a day. Or sometimes I just throw it in right after my weight training. It just depends on how much time I have.

Rick Keyworth



  • Flat BB - 3x5
  • BB Rows - 3x6
  • Military Press - 3x5
  • Weighted Pull Ups - 3x8ish
  • BB Curl - 2x8
  • Decline Skull Crushers - 2x8


  • 1/3 mile of burpees (jump forward rather than up)
  • 5 springs up hill (1/3 mile)
Rick Keyworth



  • Front Squat - 3x5
  • Leg Press - 3x8-12
  • Lying Hamstring Curl - 4x12, 8, 8, 8
  • Single Leg Curl - 3x8
  • Standing Calve Raise - 3x12-15
  • Deadlifts - 3x5
Rick Keyworth



  • 8x500m row with a 1-minute rest
  • 15 minutes of skipping
Rick Keyworth



  • Close Grip Bench Press - 3x5
  • BB Row - 3x6-8
  • Military Press - 3x5
  • Close Grip Pull down - 3x8
  • Weighted Dips - 2x8-12
  • Hammer Curl - 2x10


  • 3 Power cleans on the minute for 20 minutes with 60kg
  • 5x20 box jumps
Rick Keyworth



  • Back Squat - 3x5
  • Leg Extension - 3x8-10
  • Lying Hamstring Curl - 4x12, 8, 8, 8
  • Single Leg Curl - 3x8
  • Standing calve raise - 3x12-15
  • Weighted Jack knifes - 4x8
  • Decline Sit Ups - 3x15


  • 2/3-mile burpees (jump forward rather than up)
Rick Keyworth

Saturday: Rest Day

Rick Keyworth


  • Squat clean, overhead press, bar down behind the head,
    back squat, overhead press = 1 rep.
    I did 1 rep on the minute for 30 minutes with 60kg
  • 6 mile run

Weekly Diet Planner

Meal Planner Day 1

Daily totals - 2971kcal, 291g Carbohydrate, 92g Fat, 252g Protein

Meal Planner Day 2

Daily totals - 2979kcal, 286g Carbohydrate, 96g Fat, 242g Protein

Meal Planner Day 3

Daily totals - 2900kcal, 319g Carbohydrate, 77g Fat, 244g Protein

Meal Planner Day 4

Daily totals - 2886kcal, 278g Carbohydrate, 87g Fat, 242g Protein

Meal Planner Day 5

Daily totals - 2838kcal, 259g Carbohydrate, 90g Fat, 242g Protein

Interview with Rick Keyworth

So tell us about your fitness journey

Well in 2008 I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma at just 21 years old. Before that, though, I played rugby and cricket, and enjoyed the social side of the sports just as much! After my diagnosis, though, my eyes were opened especially because of effect the treatment had on my body and the fact I was at a higher risk of developing diseases. Since then I decided to get into real shape. I became a personal trainer and preach nutrition. It's the number one priority.

How did your diagnosis affect your life?

It was a blessing in disguise. I decided to continue my cricket and rugby training during my chemo and ramp up my gym output; in fact, I was in the gym the day after it! The great thing was Danielle [Rick's wife] started to gym too. I did notice, though, that I had to take a small step back during my treatment but I made a conscious decision to not let it change who I was. The thing was, a lot of people said that I'd lose weight during my treatment, but I was the opposite, I gained weight.

When your treatment finished, how did you transform?

When I hit the gym, I made a lot of mistakes – like too many weights and not enough cardio. But I knew that nutrition was the key in losing the weight and getting healthy. So, I educated myself. I read more and took everything back to basics. In short, calorie deficit works if you're trying to lose weight. You have to get the macros right, the fat low and have a good intake of protein and carbohydrates. At the moment I avoid saturated fats.

You're now a personal trainer – why did you decide to embark on this career?

Rick Keyworth

The more I learnt, the more passionate I became about educating others.
I wanted to share my experience and show that anything is possible.

Are you happy with the results so far?

I'm never quite totally happy. I'm down to a decent body fat level now (12%)
and I am happier but I always think there's something that can be improved.

In the beginning I was easily 25% plus body fat, and that's a reserved estimate. During the treatment itself nothing really changed, in fact I increased a little but afterwards, that's when I really cleaned up my act and decided to lose the fat. I saw good results for a while too, but then things began to slow and it took me longer than I wanted. This taught me, though, that these things take time and it's all a bit of a gradual re-composition.

The more I learnt, the more passionate I became about educating others. I wanted to share my experience and show that anything is possible.

What advice would you give those just starting out on their training journey?

I would tell them to stick to the basics. There's no need to overcomplicate things, after all, if it's not broke – don't fix it! Keep everything simple.

How important is a gym routine?

Cottage Cheese
It's very important, but it's even more so to train to a routine that's appropriate to your level. If someone is a beginner then they need to follow a beginner's routine. People shouldn't be afraid to keep things simple. By learning how to do things well with correct form, they'll see the best results.

How important is a work-life balance?

It's very important. At the end of the day, work's work – no one can do anything about that, but family and keeping healthy is just as important. People need to prioritise their lives and find that balance – that's the key. It's not impossible either. I mean I have two jobs, start at 8am and finish at 5pm then I eat, go to the gym for a session and sometimes cricket then I get home and go to bed. Life is worth living!

How do you encourage your clients to stay on the fitness path?

I encourage them to set small goals – weekly goals and don't dare let them slip! This is something I practice too, in this line of work you need to practice what you preach, but I still push the goals in a controlled way.

What are your personal goals?

At the moment – it's to squat 200kg but in the short term I'd like to keep increasing my training for strength. I keep pushing the resistance but I know it'll be a gradual increase over time.

What are your three must eat foods for optimum
gym results?

Chicken & Steak
  1. Chicken breast
  2. Potatoes – sweet or normal
  3. Steak!

I know it'll be a gradual increase over time

Which do you prefer, supplements or whole foods?

I am a big whole food guy. Supplements can be convenient and I do use them but I never rely on them or consider them an adequate "alternative" to whole foods. I use pretty basic stuff.

At the end of the day you can choose what you eat when you rely on whole foods. The problem I have with supplements is that it's hard to know what's exactly in the shake! There are times it's beneficial but I believe you should eat the food you need rather than drink it.

Do you prefer CV or lifting weights?

I like both, everyone likes a bit of muscle don't they? But I'm a person who wants to be a real athlete, not someone who looks just aesthetically good so I need CV for health and wellbeing.

What's been your biggest achievement to date?

High Protein Peanut Butter

Overcoming Hodgkin's Lymphoma!

Who are your fitness inspirations?

[Laughs] body wise – James Haskell. I've always looked up to him. He understands the nutrition side of things and pays attention to his gains. His performance and physique are both pretty inspirational.

For wellness – my family as a whole. I don't want them to ever have to go through this again with me – the worry and terror. I lost my Dad during my treatment and I will do everything to never have to put my family through it again. I know he'd be so proud of me though. He was rugby and sports mad.

What are your three must do gym moves to torch fat and help build muscle?

  1. Pull ups
  2. Burpees
  3. Press-ups

Have you anything else you'd like to say?

I would like to tell those just starting out on their journey to make sure they start by doing the basics right and don't get disheartened. You won't see results over night and it isn't about eating right or working out 1 day, it's about being disciplined for 3, 4 or 5 months at a time. Consistency is the key to weight loss success.

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