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Robert Almond

Vital Statistics Before Current
Height 6 feet 1 inch -
Weight 13st 6lb 11st 12lb
Waist 34in (tight) 30in
Body Fat 23.5% 15.2%

2014 was to be Robert Almond's year. He managed to score a coveted place in the London Marathon of May that year and was training hard to complete the 26.2 mile race along with 36,000 other runners.

But, the strenuous training took a toll and Robert picked up an injury to his left knee, scuppering his training and forcing him to pull out of the race.

It also meant he could no longer take part in the only form of exercise he enjoyed to help keep the weight off and by November that year he really noticed just how much weight he'd amassed from lounging on the sofa watching TV instead of hitting the roads.

Depressed by the sight of his love handles – and his 23.5% body fat - Robert decided to do something about it.

Robert Almond - Before & After

Having never weight trained before, he originally joined a gym to try out different forms of CV training but soon found he had greater results when he pumped iron especially when working out with his training partner Mac Manuel.

He also discovered Muscle Food and decided to overhaul his diet switching out high carb, high fat meals for lean, protein packed ones instead, and within months he noticed impressive results.

A year later and Robert has slashed his body-fat % by an impressive 8.3%, dropped 2.5 stone and shrunk his waist by 4 inches.

His goal now is to continue working on his physique, after all he “will only be successful if he maintains or improves,” pretty inspiring for a 49-year-old Dad of two!

Here's his story 

Robert Grey image

Training Plan

  • Mon.

    Monday (am): CV

    • 40 minute cycle

    Monday (pm): CHEST

    • Dumbbell chest press, flat, incline and decline
    • Bench Press
    • Cable Flys
    • Seated Machine Chest Press
    • Dumbbell vertical lift
  • Tue.

    Tuesday: ABS & CV

    • Seated bent over crunch
    • Captain’s Chair
    • Barbell roll-out
    • Cable crunch
    • Unassisted seated ab crunch
    • 30 minute cycle
  • Wed.

    Wednesday (am): CV

    • 40 minute cycle

    Wednesday (pm): ARMS & BICEPS

    • Barbell Curl & Dumbbell curl
    • Hammer curl
    • Seated Curl
    • Concentrated curl
    • Tricep pull-down
    • Overhead cable Extension
    • Seated Tricep Dip
  • Thu.

    Thursday: SHOULDERS

    • Seated dumbbell press
    • Side lat raise
    • Bent over flys
    • Straight barbell raise
    • BB Indy press
    • Smith machine front press
  • Fri.

    Friday (am): CV

    • 40 minute cycle

    Friday (pm): BACK

    • Deadlift
    • Reverse dumbbell row
    • High lat pull-down
    • Seated rear deltoid press
    • Reverse barbell row
  • Sat.

    Saturday: CV & ABS

    • 60 minute cycle
    • 30 minute abs-Seated bent over crunch
    • Captain’s Chair
    • Barbell roll-out
    • Cable crunch
    • Unassisted seated ab crunch
  • Sun.

    Sunday: LEGS

    • Barbell full Squat
    • Leg Press
    • Hamstring Curl
    • Quad curl extension
    • Dumbbell Lunge

Meal Plan

  • Breakfast:

  • Lunch:

    • Canned Tuna 3 times a week with low fat dressing
    • Or own prepared meal of meat/veg (generally leftovers from dinner)
  • Dinner:

  • Night:

    • I always have a protein shake during a ‘weights’ routine, my favourite is Cherry Bakewell but I have just started on Muscle Food Xmas pudding flavour, to be honest, it’s an acquired taste
    • Arla Strawberry or Natural Icelandic Yogurt
    • Muscle Food's protein bars, I try them all!
    • MaxiNutrition Lean Definition bars-Chocolate or Mint Flavour

Interview with Robert Almond

Hi Robert, thank you for taking the time to chat with us – let’s kick things off with a few basics, where are you from, what’s your day job and what age are you?

I am from Plymouth, Devon, age 49 and a Management Accountant for Livewell Southwest (formerly known as Plymouth Community Healthcare).

I am married and have 2 adult children.

Before accountancy I spent over 20 years in manufacturing (Frozen Desserts-mainly ice-cream).

Describe your "turning point" to us…

I used to run regularly to keep the weight down but in May 2014 whilst training for the London Marathon I picked up an injury to my left knee. By the end of November 2014 I had put on weight in areas I was extremely unhappy about. My love handles made me depressed and so I decided something had to be done.

Robert Almond before

What was your lifestyle like before your transformation?

Before my transformation I would come home from work and sit down on the sofa and veg out either on the laptop or watch TV. I had been injured for 6 months so I wasn’t able to run as I normally would.

How did you approach your training when you decided to embark on this life changing journey?

I started with joining Trugym Plymouth which is part of the building which I live in. I started with CV, bicycle, cross trainer and treadmill but the treadmill had to stop because even a short run was uncomfortable.

I also started to lift a few weights.

What did you find to be the most challenging thing about your transformation?

The hardest part was realising that I could no longer run ‘properly’ and that some other form of exercise would have to take its place.

Did you have any setbacks? If so, how did you overcome these?

I have not had any setbacks as such. Social engagements do cause some problems, if I attend I eat and drink more than I would. Also my training partner got a new job which meant working long hours and shift work so for the past 3 months I have trained alone.

I can honestly say having a training partner is a must, especially if you have an experienced one as I had.

From start to finish, how long did your transformation take?

I started this transformation in Dec 2014, I had already put on weight due to a knee injury and did not want to put on another 1/2 stone of the Xmas period. This did raise a few eyebrows when I had a sandwich when out with the in-laws for Xmas as they tucked into 2, 3 courses.

The transformation to this point has taken a full year but in truth I am only half way through as I now intend to put on a lot more muscle.

Robert Almond

What is your favourite cheat meal?

My favourite 'cheat' meal is Sausages, Eggs and Chips or an Indian curry.

Who inspired you the most during your transformation?

My training partner Mac Manuel inspired me the most during the transformation, working out with him was [really] hard work, some days I would dread having to train but I never called off. Half way through a session I was always glad I did. By the end of the session I didn't want to stop.

What's your favourite form of cardio?

Bicycle, as I can listen to music and watch TV. I try to do 3hrs CV a week, I would rather not do any but it burns off the previous night’s odd can of cider.

Looking back, what do you think you should/could have done differently?

In March of 2015 I also took up weightlifting more seriously with the help and advice of the staff of Trugym, special thanks go to Mac Manuel who trained with me regularly for over 6 months.

List three things you learnt about exercise, weight training and cardio during your transformation?

  1. I realised that I had been exercising and eating incorrectly all my adult life. I always eat sensibly and in moderation (generally) and exercised but I was never in good shape. I now eat high protein foods and low sugar foods, whereas previously I was ate low fat foods but didn’t worry too much about the sugar content.
  2. I didn’t realise that there was a company out there (Muscle Foods) who could supply a wide range of low fat, low sugar, high protein foods that could replace most of my weekly shopping.
  3. I have now also realised that weightlifting burns fat and not only shapes/improves physique.

How has your training changed since you slashed your body fat?

My cardio training has halved. I am now doing a lot more weights. I am now trying to get more muscle on me while staying lean. I do not want to be big I much prefer the ‘shredded’ look and luckily my wife agrees!

Robert Almond after

What did your diet used to look like?

  1. Breakfast was always cereal of some kind but lunch could be sandwiches or a pasty.
  2. Dinners were always sensible but quite high in carbs.
  3. Snacks were cakes/biscuits and confectionery these have been substituted with high protein bars and I do not feel guilty anymore.

How did it change during your transformation?

I prepare a lot of lunches in advance and I no longer shop at supermarkets regularly, I do not need to as Muscle Food supply my general day to day requirements.

I would say that during the first 3 months I felt that I was dieting; now it is a way of life.

What role did Muscle Food have in helping you reduce your body fat?

By supplying most of the foods I was already buying but in a ‘lean’ form with added protein.

Muscle Food was highlighted to me by a Facebook friend sharing an article, good job I took notice and tried the special Muscle Food new customer offer.

Which was more difficult - overhauling your diet or finding the motivation to hit the gym?

I always had motivation to exercise, so adjusting my diet and turning down social engagements has been the hardest.

Top 3 Muscle Food goodies you MUST have in every order?

Robert Almond diet image
  1. Very low fat sausages
  2. British Beef Hache Steaks
  3. Lean Turkey Breast Steaks

Supplements - yay or nay?

Definitely, I use diet whey protein generally and am currently trying out Muscle Foods Xmas Pudding flavour whey protein.

I also use Muscle Foods Pure L Leucine powder and Muscle Foods Pure Creatine Nitrate.

Robert Almond Supplements

Top 5 transformation tips for all those aspiring transformers reading this?

  1. Always eat breakfast.
  2. Never eat after your main meal in the evening.
  3. Limit alcohol to weekends.
  4. Never miss a training session.

Make sure most of your food purchases are lean, low fat, low sugar and high in protein

What's your life like now that you've gone through a transformation?

I feel much more confident about my body; I’ll happily take my shirt off now if you ask me (ha ha).

You've obviously worked really hard at reducing your body fat - but what's next for you?

This is just the beginning. I have to keep it up. I will only be successful if I maintain where I am or improve.

Muscle Food Final Thoughts

Every transformation story featured on Muscle Food outlines that a good diet and a good workout plan are essential to achieving the results you desire. All transformation stories, exercise routines and diet plans are provided by the customer and have not been checked by a nutritionist or doctor. Results may vary for different individuals.