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WBFF Pro Muscle Model and personal trainer Roger Snipes is renowned for his incredible physique.

Vital Statistics
Height: 1m77cm
Weight: 98kg
Bodyfat: 12%

But as a teen Roger could be found on the athletics track not the weights room. So how did this 36 year old from London transition from a sprinter to a well respected bodybuilder?  

We asked Roger all your burning questions, including how he got into bodybuilding, how long it took for him to see his body change and the one food he hates so much he would rather eat killer bees!

Roger Snipes in gym Mirror

Meal Plan








Training Plan

Monday Tuesday Wednesday
Quads and calves Chest and biceps Back
Thursday Friday Saturday & Sunday
Hams and calves Shoulders and biceps Rest

Roger Snipes - The Interview

So Roger, tell us about your fitness journey so far.

I sprinted as a teen but always felt weight training coincided with track training, as building a stronger body would help me to sprint quicker. When I eventually hung up the spikes I slowly transitioned into more body building style training.

Being a bodybuilder, how long was it before you noticed a change in your physique?

I think people notice your physique before you do. I picked up weights from a very young age and friends always told me I was big, even at secondary school. Up until 2009 I was always into being “fit”. For me this meant cardiovascular strength as well as being muscular.

For many years I would train with weights and do at least 15 - 20 minutes of cardio 3 days per week. I found a training partner who trained 5 days per week and that's when I noticed big differences. I was unable to keep up with cardio because I was too tired for the session.

This meant less energy expenditure on cardio and more towards resistance. My appetite grew which meant more fuel for the body to grow.

Roger Snipes showing back and arms

What training advice would you give to those wanting to achieve a physique like yours?

I think you need to make sacrifices early so you can reap the rewards later. Luckily for me, I planted the seed early when it comes to discipline.

So now I don't think about if I need to eat well or train hard, I just do it. Many people associate training with putting yourself under stress and pain without an outcome that is immediate.

In life you can get temporary happiness and pleasure without waiting - “Train because you need to and rest because you have to”.

What area of your body do you enjoy working out the most and why?

I enjoy training shoulders and calves. These are areas which required most attention, so I have most pleasure making sure I develop them.

What about your least favourite?

I'm not a great fan of training my hamstrings. I sometimes have this uneasy feeling in my gut when I go heavier and I visualised them cramping or something snapping.

Do you do any cardio or is weight training all you need?

If you see energy/calories as “Money” and Training as “Retail” I would prefer to spend my money on weights as I find I get a better return for investment. The more lean tissue I have, the faster my ability to burn fat and the better my physical appearance. I prefer to do dynamic functional training to improve my core and burn fat as it’s fast paced and intense.

Do you listen to music at the gym? What's your favourite workout track/artist/album?

I listen to artists like DMX, Eminem, Hopsin, Dr Dre & Snoop.

What motivates you when you don't want to train?

Knowing that I'm either making the choice of moving forward, or going backwards.

Do you have a favourite motivational quote?

If it's to be, it's up to me.

Some say fitness is all in the mind how true have you found this to be?

Unless you have a disability restricting you from training in any way, then yes you need to have a mentally strong approach to keeping fit.

What are your biggest achievements in bodybuilding?

Knowing that I never quit; I have many trophies and prizes, but even if I didn't win anything but saw it through. That's enough to make me feel proud of myself.

Who is your all time hero?

I have many people who motivate me for different reasons. I don't have an all time hero.

How important is a healthy, balanced diet to you in maintaining your physique?

Very important! I used to save up my pocket money to buy multi vitamins and eggs as a teenager. From then on I understood the importance of nutrition.

What role do supplements play in your training? What do you use?

I'm sponsored by PhD Nutrition. My goal is gaining lean muscle with minimal amounts of fat so my supplements of choice are Growth Factor Mass and BCAAs during training to help with recovery and muscle fatigue. I have a Multi Nutrient because of the stressful environment and ZMA for testosterone support, chemical functions and good sleep.

If you could only choose two supplements what would they be and why?

Whey and BCAAs – Whey is convenient and absorbs fast after training. Its handy if you need to consume something but do not have much time. And BCAAs because building muscle is my primary goal and protecting it is secondary.

Musclefood Chicken breast and Sweet Potato

Which three whole foods could you simply not live without?

Chicken breast, seeds and potato.

What's more important - hitting the gym or eating right?

Eating right is essential for a healthier life, protection against disease and sickness.

Are there any foods you would never put into your body?

Yup, liver. I'd rather eat wasps or killer bees!

Do you have cheat meals? What would you have?

Cheat meals are like my prize. I'm a big fan of Chinese or pizza with ice cream

Roger Snipes curling

Do you drink alcohol?

Not often but I do drink it occasionally when going out.

What's your favourite Muscle Food product?

Peri peri chicken.

What is your next training goal?

To work on my weaknesses, fine tuning them to perfection.

If you could give one bit of advice to those just beginning to train - what would it be?

Don't look for a quick fix. Concentrate on your living arrangements and your environment. Surround yourself with like-minded people. The training part is easy; it's everything else that makes it a challenge.

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

We are all human which means we will all make errors. You will eat and train well one day, and not so well another. We will always find obstacles confronting us in our journey to get to our goals. You will stumble, maybe for a long time.

But it's your choice to get back on your path and continue to your destination. Every failure brings you closer to success, so when you fall just dust yourself off and say “I'm in a better position now”

Roger Snipes mid shot