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Sarah Blues

From fighting off Liver Disease, to becoming stronger, fitter and healthier than ever – Sarah Blues has made an incredible transformation that we can all be proud of!

In February 2016, she noticed things were wrong as she started to have problems with her upper back and hand swelling. After her GP thought she had weight-related Liver Disease, it was a huge shock – putting her in an inescapable position. No matter how much she dieted, the weight didn’t seem to be coming off.

Two weeks later, the test results came back and luckily it was a false alarm. But the impact of this close call was clear, as she worked to fight off the weight with a new-found energy.

Starting to workout in April, she started from simple weight loss circuits, to being able to cycle 45 miles from Buckingham Palace to Windsor Castle! With a transformation this AMAZING, we had to speak to her.

Vital Statistics
Before - 305lbs
Current - 248lbs
Before - 52.8%
Current - 39.6%
Before - 48.5in
Current - 37in
Sarah Blues image

Current Exercise Plan

I try and mix it up as much as possible, so I don't get bored - but I work out at least 5 times a week. I am currently training for a 10km run in February 2017, so I will run 3x a week for half an hour followed by weights and resistance.

I also enjoy Circuit classes, boxing and I have recently started Krav Maga - an Israeli martial art focusing on self-defence - which I do for at least 1.5hrs once a week.

Current Meal Plan

I aim to eat 1500-1600 calories a day and have been carb-cycling for the last few months which involves eating 5 small meals, one every three hours.

This is great because it means I don't get hungry! I eat a high carb, low fat diet Monday-Thursday and then have two high protein, low carb days on Friday and Saturday leaving Sunday as my 'reset' or cheat day.

Interview with Sarah Blues

Hi Sarah! Thanks for taking the time to talk to us. Can you tell us the full story of your transformation up to now?

Back in February 2016 I was having on-going problems with my upper back which got so bad I was signed off work as my hand swelled up so badly they had to cut my rings off. As the doctor tried to find out what was causing it, routine bloods came back irregular.

My GP told me that I may have Liver Disease and implied that it could be weight related. This was a huge shock! I knew I was obese but as a serial dieter I didn't believe that I could ever change it and that I would always be fat.

Sarah Blues Before & After

However, when the GP suggested that I think about getting weight loss surgery, I was horrified. This was the turning point for me. I realised that I owed it to myself to give weight loss one more try. So, before the follow up bloods had even been sent off, I stripped my diet of anything processed and began eating clean.

Two weeks later when I went for a follow up about my test results, I was told that my liver was healthy and everything else was looking good. Although this was a massive relief, I knew I never wanted to feel that way again and I would not let myself be told something like that again.

For the first few months, I just focused on eating well and fixing my relationship with food. Food had gone from my comfort to something that I felt was killing me. Once I was confident with my food choices, I realised that eating healthy food wasn't boring but in-fact more delicious and enjoyable.

I started documenting my journey on my Instagram @sarahs_wljourney, which made me stay accountable and provided me with plenty of inspiration from other amazing instagrammers.

So, in April, I decided it was time to start working out. I signed up to a gym and started going to their weight loss circuits class. Before I knew it, I was hooked and when the opportunity to cycle 45miles from Buckingham Palace to Windsor Castle arose at work, I accepted the challenge.

This challenge kept me focused on my fitness, which in turn, ensured I was eating the right food to complete my training. It was at this point that fitness became my outlet and de-stressing mechanism.

Although my weight continued to fall, this journey became much more about getting healthy. I have become increasingly less concerned with the numbers and more with the way that I feel. I know that I may not lose weight every week but I am always getting stronger, fitter and healthier!

What inspired you to start changing for the better?

I realised that I wanted to be healthy and that I wanted to change. It was scary and daunting with the amount of weight I needed to lose, but seeing other people who had done it successfully on Instagram, I finally started believing in myself!

Tell me about your life before the transformation.

emma raven

I won't say that I hated myself because I didn't - I was confident and happy. After I graduated, I focused all my efforts on work and forgot that I was important.

That by taking care of myself, exercising and eating well, I am much better at my job - especially as I spend my time at work encouraging children to eat a healthy balanced diet.

Now, you received a false Liver Disease diagnosis from the GP. How did that effect your diet lifestyle?

It just changed my whole outlook on my health. I realised that it was only a matter time before my unhealthy choices would catch up with me, and that this false diagnoses was my chance to change before it was too late.

From that day, I haven't looked back. I am healthier, happier and ready for every challenge that I get!

Did you focus on one big goal to achieve, or did you split it into separate smaller goals to make things more bitesize?

Right at the beginning I set my goal as being a healthy weight however reducing my BMI from 42 to 25 is a lot of weight.

So, I don't focus on that - I set myself fitness goals which enable the weight loss. My first was the 45-mile bike ride and the next is the 10km run. I find by doing this I don't get hung up on what the scale says and don't let it demotivate me.

Now let’s move onto the food part of this interview. What was the thinking behind building your meal plan?

At the beginning, I just focused on good fresh food. As my activity began to increase, I realised I needed to structure my meals to sustain me during workouts while losing weight.

I did a lot of reading on Carb-Cycling and found it was popular with athletes so I decided to try it. I loved that by eating every 3 hours I wouldn't get hungry. I tracked my Macros closely and found it easier to resist foods that weren't on my plan.

It also helped me have a sustainable weekly weight loss and train harder which was a bonus!

emma raven

What are your Muscle Food favourites?

Dragon Hache Steaks and Low-fat sausages! The low-fat sausages are amazing, because they're tasty and meaty but great for macros.

How far ahead of time do you meal prep? And how do you keep yourself motivated to do so?

I meal prep on a Sunday for the work week. I'll prep my lunch and two snacks for Monday-Friday so all I have to do it cook dinner.

I find it so much easier when meal prepping and I get the best results when I do, which keeps me motivated. I also enjoy spending a few hours just me and my music in the kitchen.

Now for your workout – do you have a favourite exercise?

Krav Maga - I love taking out my anger and frustration on the pads (and my poor sister)! Swimming is up there too because I can just zone out the world and think of nothing else but my stroke rate.

And one you loathe doing?

Burpees - HATE THEM!

Have you ever fell of the wagon? And how did you keep yourself motivated to get back on?

Yes and no. I've learnt to plan the fall off the wagon so that it’s easy to get back on. If I know I am going away or I have a busy time, then I will allow myself to eat what I like so that I don't feel guilty. Also, I enjoy my lifestyle so much now I crave getting back on plan!

Quick fire! Favourite music to work out to?

Sarah Blues in the gym

Cardio Circuit Playlist on Apple Music - I love it when Kelly Clarkson's Stronger comes on at the end of my workout, makes me push through those final few minutes!

Favourite movie?

Harry Potter - Any of them! I'm a serious Potter geek!

Would you fall asleep for a year, or go about your day naked?

Go about my day naked – I don’t want to waste a whole year.

Last few questions – what are your plans for the future?

I have so many! I want to travel, develop my career but most of all to challenge myself... This year, I will be doing a 10km run, triathlon and a Tough Mudder at the very least!

And do you have any inspiring words for the thousands of Muscle Foodies who read this?

Believe in yourself, challenge yourself daily and never let the numbers on the scale define you. You can do it!

Muscle Food Final Thoughts

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