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Sarah Teasdale

Sarah's Vital Statistics Before After
Height 162cm
Weight 66.6kg 53.3kg
Body Fat % 28% 24%

When Sarah was 19 she was living a typical teen life.  Parties, drinking, eating whatever she wanted and not caring about what damage she was doing to her body.  She was having a “good time” after all.

But her life was turned upside down when her Dad suddenly passed away from ischaemic heart disease whilst playing five-a-side football.  This devastating event gave Sarah the motivation she needed to seriously revaluate her lifestyle.

She began attending Zumba classes and she slashed her calorie intake in a bid to shed the pounds which saw her shrink to a size 12.

Sarah, however, was still not happy with her body and couldn’t understand why she just couldn’t shift more weight.  So, she joined a running club in order to train for The Great North Run in memory of her Dad and dropped another stone.

Yet her fitness journey was really only beginning.  Dissatisfied with her “wobbly belly” in spite of all the miles she’d put in on the roads, she began to research ways of taking her fitness to the next level and at Christmas 2014 she spotted an advert for Train Eat Gain’s cutting challenge for 2015.

She knew what she had to do.  After signing up she was shocked to find the plan had no cardio and a LOT of weights.  They also happened to tell her to eat roughly 400 calories MORE than what she had been but she vowed to give it her best shot and she has not regretted it one bit.

She started buying her lean meats and protein packed foods from Muscle Food and smashing it in the gym. And within 6 months she shrank to a lean 8 stone 4 lbs with plenty of muscle.

Sarah began her quest for fitness 7 years ago and it’s only been in the last 6 months that she’s started to get to grips with what it really takes.  That’s why she wanted to share her story with Muscle Food to help inspire all of you thinking about transforming not just your body, but your lives…

Sarah Teasdale - Before & After

Meal Plan

My diet consists of:

My favourite weekly meal would be Muscle Food Hache Steak with Sweet Potato Fries and salad or Muscle Food Sweet Chilli Sausages with Cauliflower mash and veg.

Sarah Teasdale - The Interview

Hi Sarah, let's start off with an easy one - what's your age, where do you come from and what's your day job?

My name is Sarah Teasdale, I live in Whitehaven in Cumbria and I am a Pharmacy Technician.

What was your lifestyle like prior to your transformation?

My lifestyle seven years ago (my largest picture) was drinking and partying all the time, not caring what I ate at all, then seven years ago my dad died of ischaemic heart disease, he was playing five aside football at the time when he collapsed, a couple of weeks before this happened that picture of him and I was taken.

Sarah and father 7 years ago

I hate that picture and it's the last time we were ever together, that was when I knew I had to do something to change.  I started doing Zumba and eating very low calories which left a size 12 but still not happy and no matter how little I ate I couldn't shift any weight.

Then 12 months ago I discovered a running club and signed up to do the Great North Run in memory of my dad, I lost another stone doing this but even though I was running and eating well I still couldn't quite loose the wobbly belly and that's when I signed up to Train Eat Gains plan.

What was your turning point?

My first turning point was obviously seeing that final picture of my dad and me together but it took a long time for me to discover how to lose weight healthily and to keep it off.

It wasn't until I signed up to the plan that I got the results that I wanted and started to see real results.

So - how did you begin your transformation?

At Christmas [2014] Train Eat Gain were advertising their cutting challenge 2015 and I thought why not I've got nothing to lose as this final bit isn't happening on my own.

Sarah Teasdale in January

I signed up and when I got the plan through I was really nervous at first they were telling me to eat around 400 calories more than I had been and there was no cardio!

And how long was it until you began to see changes in your body?

I saw changes from their plan instantly.  Even with the extra calories I was actually fuelling my body correctly for the first time ever! Even when I didn't think my body had changed much when I submitted my monthly updated pictures to them I could see the changes in my body from the photos.

Did you have that - WOW - moment when you caught sight of yourself when you weren't expecting to and all of a sudden realise - that's me?!

Whenever [they] post their transformations on their social media I always think “OMG is that me?”  I can remember wanting a body like that so badly.

You've obviously done super well since you decided to transform, but is there any part of your body you're still not 100% happy with?

Sarah Teasdale in March

I am so proud of what I've achieved with my body but there's always improvements to be made I have just moved onto their next set of plans, so I'm hoping to build up my muscles for the next few months so next time I cut I'll have an even better package to show off!

What was the biggest lesson you learnt during your transformation?

The biggest lesson was that I can actually eat a lot more than I thought especially when you’re filling your body with the correct food and you don't need cardio to lose weight!

What is your relationship with exercise like now?

I love to work out now!

I never thought I would say that but I love lifting and the sense of achievement that I get with it. Rest days take more discipline than going to the gym now.

Favourite form of cardio?

If I do cardio then it is a HIIT session, I like to get outside in the fresh air so some hill sprints are good!

When you're really feeling the grind - what song helps you dig deep?

My song at the moment is Lean On by Major Lazer

What three things did you learn about exercise, weight training or cardio, that helped you stay on the path to success?

The three things I learnt about weight training are:

  • It sculpts your body and does not make you manly
  • You don't need cardio
  • How to lift the weights correctly

How did your diet change when you decided to embark on a transformation?

Sarah Teasdale Now

My diet changed as [I began to follow] macros (what protein carbohydrates and fats to eat) and even though there are no strict rules on what I can and can't eat, I now fuel my body correctly with whole foods and that will help my body recover from the hard training that I do.

I always have at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day and lots of lean meats.

When I started on the cutting challenge I started getting Muscle Food deliveries as it means I always have a selection of high quality protein sources to choose from so that my diet is always healthy but never boring. I now eat a lot more meat than I ever did.

Did you allow yourself cheat meals?  If so, what is/was your biggest foodie weakness?

Because [I follow IIFYM] there is no need for me to ever cheat in my diet! I just make them fit for that day so my diet is always consistently good. My weakness is peanut butter and I eat it every day.  I get through about a jar a week!

How did you overcome the inevitable cravings?

I don't have cravings as I can fit almost anything into my diet and tend to eat peanut butter and dark chocolate on a daily basis but Muscle Food make to so easy to not have to cheat.

On the weekend we can have a Muscle Food High Protein Pizza and High Protein Ice Cream, if I fancy that.

Sarah Teasdale

What's your secret in staying motivated?

My motivation comes from just trying to improve myself every day, I know at the end of the month I'll be sending in my transformation pictures and I want to do well.

They have transformations of the month and the winner gets an item of clothing from their store and a jar of peanut butter (main motivation) they crowned me their queen of cutting this month for the last six months and it was the best feeling in the world knowing all my hard work had paid off.

Top 3 tips for aspiring transformers…

  • Get a plan,
    the year before I was trying to do it all, running miles, lifting and yoga, it wasn't until I concentrated my efforts that I saw real results.
  • Eat enough
    if you don't your metabolism won't work as well.
  • Make sure you eat a variety of different things,
    eating chicken veg and rice five times a day is boring and you're never going to stick at it.

How has your life changed since you made the transformation?

My life has changed as I am genuinely so happy and confident now I am no longer a shy girl that hides away!

What's your next fitness goal?

My next fitness goes is to complete Train Eat Gain Muscle Bikini Plan now.

Sarah Teasdale
Muscle Food Final Thoughts

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