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Sasha Firth

Vital Statistics Current
Height 5ft 5in (1.65m)
Weight/Show Weight 8st 10lb / 8st 3lb
(55.3kg / 52.2kg)
Body Fat/Show Fat 8.5% / 5%
Waist 21"

19-year-old Sasha Firth first started training for fitness in order to prove her school peers wrong – that she wasn't just thin, but she was healthy and fit too.

Having always been fascinated by the fitness industry, she began lifting weights at her local gym in Wakefield and quickly saw improvements in her body in terms of tone, definition and muscle mass.

Sasha Firth - Before & After

She followed plenty of female fitness competitors and models on social media (she herself loves to use Instagram - 1SASHAA) and while she saw them as great inspiration she soon found herself craving the thrill of the competition.

Both of her parents had competed in the industry when they were younger so Sasha had a great support network surrounding her when she finally plucked up the courage to enter the 2014 Northwest UKBFF Championships – this was to be her very first contest.

She trained hard leading up to the competition and was determined to do herself proud on the day so when she walked away with the 2nd place trophy (out of a field of 17) Sasha was absolutely ecstatic!

Sasha is now well and truly hooked on the buzz of the contest and she'd love nothing more than to break into the fitness industry, represent a brand and compete.

When she's not in the gym working on her incredibly fit and healthy physique to build more muscle to maintain a great shape Sasha works full time as an office assistant, although, if you ask us, we think this young competitor has a very bright future in the fitness industry…

Sasha Firth

Training Plan

Monday: Back & Biceps

  • 30 mins cardio stepper
  • 4 x chins
  • 6 x lat pull downs
  • 4 x dumbbell row
  • 4 x concentration curls
  • 5 x bar bell curl
  • 4x cable curl

Tuesday: Glutes & Calves

  • 30 mins cardio stepper
  • 6x squats
  • 6 x hack squats
  • 6x leg press
  • 4x lunges with dumbbells
  • 6x leg extension
  • 10x calf raises

Wednesday: Shoulder & Triceps

  • 30 mins cardio stepper
  • 5x Arnold dumbbell press
  • 4x shoulder press
  • 4x seated press with bar
  • 4x up right row
  • 5x dips
  • 4x close grip bench press
  • 6x cable pull downs

Thursday: Rest Day

  • Rest Day

Friday: Hamstrings & Abs

  • 30 mins cardio stepper
  • 5x stiff leg dead lift
  • 6x hamstring curl
  • 6x lunges with dumbbells
  • 6x split leg squats
  • 5x leg press
  • 1x 6-minute abs routine

Saturday: Shoulders & Chest

  • 30 mins cardio stepper
  • 4x incline press
  • 4x bench chest press
  • 4x incline flys
  • 4x pullovers
  • 4x lat raise drop sets
  • 4x seated lat raise
  • 6x partial lat raise
  • 4x deltoid raise
  • 4x shrugs

Sunday: Rest

  • Rest Day

Meal Plan

I repeat this meal plan daily.

Interview with Sasha Firth

What made you get started in fitness?


Comments from my school years pushed me to prove a point that I wasn't just thin but that I was fit and healthy too. My Mum and Dad both competed when they were younger and the sport in general has always intrigued me.

Have you always been into sport?

I've always been into some sort of sport, from a very young age I started with gymnastics then progressed into dance.

What do you enjoy most about training for fitness?

The things I enjoy most about fitness is seeing the results as well as receiving positive comments from people who notice what your doing.

Who has been your biggest inspiration?

My biggest inspiration has to be my trainer, Dave Young, who is also a competitor.

What are your personal short-term and long-term goals?


My personal short-term goals include improving and growing muscle to maintain a better shape, which will then allow me to go further in competitions. My personal long-term goals would be to break into the fitness industry and be able to represent a brand. Competing abroad would just be a dream!

What type of training do you follow?

I weight train five times a week concentrating on different muscle groups each day and I also do half an hour of cardio five times a week. I then have 2 days rest – normally a Thursday and Sunday.

What is your most favourite cardio routine for cutting fat?

My favourite cardio for cutting fat would be high hill climbs on the treadmill.

How important is nutrition in helping you achieve your goals?

Diet is the most important part of fitness. You wouldn't see as good of results without eating the right foods. Eating bad hides all the hard work you put into your training.

Eating bad hides all the hard work you put into your training

How many times a day do you eat and what are your meals made up of?

I eat every 3 hours and my meals consist of mainly chicken, veg, rice, and eggs.

How do you curb your cravings?

Sweet Cravings

I do often get cravings and it is okay to enjoy treats every now and then. I have one free meal in my diet, which stops me over eating when I crave things. I mix up my protein flavours to stop sweet cravings. I'm currently using blueberry cheesecake flavour – delicious!

What advice would you give to another female who is maybe looking to get in shape but doesn't know where to start?

I would advise females to make a diet and training plan, as for me being organised is key.

Tell us more about your competitive history?

This year I competed in my first ever show at the Northwest Championships UKBFF 2014. I placed second in a line up of 17 girls in the under 163-bikini category. I also got an invite to the British finals!

Northwest Championships UKBFF

Why did you decide to begin competing and is it something you'd like to continue with?

Seeing photos of competitors instantly made me want to do what they do and I will definitely continue to compete as I loved every minute of being on that stage.

In your opinion, what's the most important thing in helping you achieve your workout goals?

The most important thing in helping me achieve my goals is having that routine. Having a structured diet and training plan. If you fail to prepare you are preparing yourself to fail.

How can we keep up to date with you and your achievements?

I post everything fitness related on to my instagram page 1SASHAA

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