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The Shocking Steroid Side Effects! One Man Shares His HORRIFYING Glute Abscess

Some suggest steroids can be seriously dangerous, and one man has proven this by showing the world his HORRIFYING glute abscess as the result of using them.

You may remember a story we posted before – showing how steroid use was on the rise amongst young men because of the social media pressure to look #ripped. The use of performance enhancing drugs is a divisive subject of debate, and Muscle Talk contributor Phil demonstrated the dangers…

Glute Abscess Steroids

In his article ‘A Glute Abscess – My Story,’ he talks about using anabolic steroids “on and off for probably around seven years,” and how he had administered himself hundreds of injections with no problems until September of 2008, when he injected his right glute with a mix of winnie depot and test prop.

It was over a week before a competition in Birmingham, and his glute began swelling to the point of causing great pain and swelling – requiring ice packs and paracetamol every couple of hours. Visiting the doctors after coming 3rd in his class, they concluded it was a haematoma causing the swollen bum cheek, giving him antibiotics to prevent infection.

Turns out it was a something a whole lot more serious... By October, he had managed to terrify his partner with the size of the lump – “my other half saw me and nearly dropped her cup of tea!” Seeing more signs of an abscess, he called the doctor who again said everything was fine.

One day later, he went into A&E at midnight, seeing another doctor at 4am. “She took one look and was like “Bloody Hell, that’s a huge abscess, you need admitting and you need to see a surgeon right away!”

Glute Abscess Steroids post-surgery

The operation was complete, and as per standard procedure the abscess was not stitched up post-op. They can’t run the risk of re-infection - so instead, they leave the wound open and pack it with sterile packing, to let it heal from the inside out.

But his troubles weren’t over there… As this abscess of puss built, it would naturally try and find a way out of its confined space. Normally it would burst out the surface, but it was pushed against the bone of the hip joint, potentially causing a bone infection and septicaemia (blood poisoning). “By now I was having visions of losing my whole bloody leg,” Phil wrote.

Luckily for him, it wasn’t that serious, but time dragged on, as his wound – at 14cm long, 4cm wide and 3cm deep, continued to leak and generally look like a soggy mess.

After weeks of recovery time, he was able to get back into the gym and pick up the body building again, but it taught him an important lesson. “No matter how careful you are, and how clean you think your injection technique is, you are at risk,” he added. It’s clear to say Phil’s life threatening experience could be an eye opener for others...

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