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Should Fish And Chip Shops Be Forced To CUT Their Meal Sizes?

  • Fish and chip shops is being put under pressure to offer an ‘extra small’ portion on their menus.

  • According to research, 45% of consumers would order a smaller portion

  • But will this ‘health by stealth’ option work? Let us know your thoughts in the poll!

fish and chips

Ah, the humble chippy – a mecca to all things greasy and one of the more classic British fast food options. Don’t lie, it’s probably snuck onto your cheat day from time to time!

But leading industry wholesaler JJ Food Service is beginning to pressure these shops to introduce an ‘extra small’ portion to their menus, and even reduce the size of their other portion sizes.

Why are they asking for this? Well, it turns out they’ve done some research and found that 45% of customers would order a smaller chip portion to cut down on calories.

And 33% would be encouraged to eat more fish and chips if the chippy offered a smaller portion.

That’s all fair and good, but will this ‘health by stealth’ option, created by the government last year work?

Firstly – will chippies actually listen? That’s a tricky one… Businesses can take a while to change with the time, and with something so set in history as Fish and Chips being threatened with making smaller portions, and even offering ‘rice or salad’ options as a default, they’re not going to like it.

And secondly – will customers care? Let’s be honest, chances are you’re going to the chippy after a long week and eating in front of the telly. Provided this is a once-in-a-while treat, there is nothing wrong with that and servings shouldn’t be limited.

But then again, some people still don’t have that education of portion control or healthy eating, leading to something like government-controlled chip portions being a requirement for the future health of the people they govern.

So what do you think? Should fish and chip shops control portions? Let us know in the poll and speak out in the comments!

Share your thoughts in the comments!


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