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Simon Router

Vital Statistics Before Current
Height 5' 7" 5' 7"
Weight 180kg 99kg
Waist 62" 32"
Body Fat unknown 23.5%

From a fat family to skinny minnies, the Router's have undergone an incredible transformation – losing 26 stone between them.

Now if you’re read the amazing transformations on Muscle Food, you will see they are all stories of one person’s triumph. This is the first time we’ve had a family go through this journey together

Trever Router, his wife Val, and son Simon, went from a collective 71 stone down to a much healthier 45 thanks to a high protein diet and plenty of exercise.

The transformation came after a set of health scares were triggered by poor eating and lifestyle. Simon’s parents weighed in at 21 stone each and were suffering from serious health issues.

Simon himself followed suit as well, being unable to weight himself on normal scales and regularly breaking furniture. He needed special scales to discover his weight was a jaw dropping 30 stone.

But when Trevor was diagnosed with a brain tumour and Val developed cancer in her knee caused by her obesity, the whole family made a promise to change their lifestyles. Soon after, they switched to a high protein diet with our help and the weight just dropped off as they began exercising.

We spoke to Simon about this awesome transformation.

Simon Router - Before & After


Training Plan

  • Mon.


    • 6am 1hr with my PT
    • PM either home weights session or 45 min run.
  • Tue.


    • 5.45am 1hr 15m swim with Puttering swimming club.
    • PM 45 min run or home weights
  • Wed.


    • AM 1hr 30m bike ride then either run or swim. 
    • PM alternate run or swim depending what I trained earlier
  • Thu.


    • 6am 1hr spin
    • PM 45min swim plus home weights
  • Fri.


    • 6am 1hr spin
    • PM swim or run, but not always.
  • Sat.


    • 6.30am open water swim. 1hr.
    • PM home weights
  • Sun.

    Sunday: LEGS

    • AM 3hr bike ride. 
    • PM Swim club 1hr.

Meal Plan

Interview with Simon Router

Hi Simon, thanks for taking the time to talk to us! Now we’ve had some amazing Muscle Food transformations, but this is the first time we’ve ever had a family go through this amazing change together. Talk me through what prompted you all to make the change.

Simon before

For me it was the summer of 2013. There were a lot of things adding up to the transformation. I was huge - completely unfit (2 flights of stairs would have me out of breath for 10 minutes).

I split a pair of trousers on holiday, broke a seat and a bed. Plus, my parents had worked through their illnesses with personal trainer Scott Hills and they were seeing some amazing results.

And then two of my friends gave me a challenge, to see who out of us could lose the most body weight % in 6 months. It all fell into place and I just went for it.

What kept you motivated during the time of transformation?

As people constantly told me I was looking better and better, it really helped push me to improve my fitness. Plus I had a £60 bet on it, because I’m a competitive little git!

I also had changed my approach to life by saying yes to everything, which led to accepting a bunch of challenges. These included the Great Eastern Swim in June 2014 and the London2Brighton bike ride in the same month (said yes to that one before I bought a bike)!

Two other friends challenged me to take part in a relay triathlon, and the motivation to not to let them down really spurred me on.

Simon Before Transformation

Were there any times you fell off the wagon?

To be honest, there really wasn’t. I was really in the zone – so much, even, that people would tell me to shut up when I criticised them for not having a tap water when we went to the pub.

What has been you/your family’s biggest achievement to date through this transformation?

For me it was losing the 80+kg and now competing in triathlons. My mum has lost so much weight and is looking amazing, while recovering from a knee replacement and cancer at the same time.

My dad was just a shell of the man he was when he came out of hospital. He has recovered from a brain tumour, broken ribs and a prolapsed disk, so it’s amazing to see him back on form!

Let’s talk food! What kind of diet are you on right now?

I’m still consuming high protein and only the carbs I need. That includes lots of fresh grilled chicken, poached eggs, fresh vegetables and fruit. I also use protein shakes as snacks to keep me going.

What are your Muscle Food must haves?

There’s a lot to choose from! If I had to pick, it would be chicken breasts, rump and sirloin steaks, hache steaks, ready meals, chicken sausages and the grillstock. 

Muscle Food Choices

Any secret family recipes using our ingredients that you’d like to share?

There are no secrets. We just keep everything simple – use as few ingredients and possible and try to grill not fry.

Were there any bad foods that you found difficult to give up?

Bread was the hardest one to kick, and I do still have the odd sandwich from time to time. But it is only the odd one, not the daily sandwich I’d always have. That way, I can enjoy it guilt-free.

To replace it, have you got a favourite cheeky cheat meal?

It would have to be a beautiful steak with poached eggs.

What has inspired you to keep exercising, even when you’ve not wanted to?

There hasn’t really been a time when I’ve really not wanted to exercise, because I love it. I’m now part of a swimming club taking part in Galas. I’m about to take part in my first Olympic distance triathlon on Sun 8th May. I’m up for running a marathon and taking part in an Ironman Triathlon.

Simon Router After Transformation

How important is cardio to a workout in your opinion?

My favourite 'cheat' meal is Sausages, Eggs and Chips or an Indian curry.

Who inspired you the most during your transformation?

I try to mix cardio and strength work - a balance I believe is very important including good cardio.

What would be your advice for shedding those last few stubborn pounds?

Try to look at the small details and be honest with yourself. Can you train a little harder? Can you reduce your food late at night? Can you focus on drinking only water? It will always be the small details that let you down, and they can be easily fixed!

What is the most difficult exercise in your workout routine, and how do you push yourself to nail it?

Out of all the exercise I fit into my week, flexibility is my weakness. My PT has been working with me to nail this – doing lots of stretching and using the foam roller. I can’t say I enjoy it, but knowing the results is enough to keep me going.

So what is it like juggling the work/life balance with living a healthy lifestyle? Do you still find time to enjoy yourself?

It can be difficult. I’ve ended up cutting down on work a little to accommodate the training. Teaching every day can get in the way, but my family and girlfriend support all the training I do. In fact my girlfriend often swims, cycles and runs with me, which helps greatly.

Congratulations on the triathlons, cycles and swims you’ve completed! What is up next for you?

Simon Running

I have a lot of events that I’m getting involved in! I just took part in the Open Water 1500m race on 30th April, and then have both an Olympic triathlon and 10km run in May. I’m then looking to do a couple of sprint triathlons and a couple more Olympic triathlons this year.

After that, I want to step up my game and nail a half marathon before possibly a full one in London next year. Then my long term goal is an Ironman triathlon.

You’ve received some inspirational advice on your journey and now it’s your turn! What would you say to the people out there who are looking to transform themselves, but can’t find the motivation?

Once you have started, I guarantee you won't want to stop! Prove people wrong and show them anything is possible.

And finally, do you have any advice for other families who are looking for inspiration to get up and transform?

Work together and surround yourself with positive people. Get advice from professionals who know what they are doing. But most of all, you need to know you want to do it. That way, you know you will be mentally prepared for the hard work.

Muscle Food Final Thoughts

Every transformation story featured on Muscle Food outlines that a good diet and a good workout plan are essential to achieving the results you desire. All transformation stories, exercise routines and diet plans are provided by the customer and have not been checked by a nutritionist or doctor. Results may vary for different individuals.