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Jack Storer

Jack “The Ripper” Storer has only been bodybuilding for a couple of years and already is making storm waves in the fitness industry.

Vital Statistics Current
Height 6’2
Competition weight: 85kg
Competition BF%: 4%
Off season weight: 100kg
Off Season BF%: 12-15%
Jack Storer

Why? Well, at just 19-years-old, he’s already placed 3rd at NPA South West Juniors, walked away with a round win at this year’s World Fitness Championships at BodyPower [2014], and came 2nd at the Drug Free Bodybuilding Championships!

Having come from a family who are all into fitness (his mum and dad are in the RAF), it seemed it was destiny for Jack to follow suit and when he completed his GCSEs he decided to embark on a fruitful, albeit testing, fitness journey.

He hit the gym – hard, got ripped and decided that competing and modelling was to be his future.

He spent months upon month’s fine tuning his physique, looking up to greats like Arnie, Rob Riches, Steve Cook and Ryan Terry for inspiration. The more he saw his body change and progress, the more motivated he felt to pursue his dream.

Jack Storer

So, he stepped onto many a stage and walked away with many an accolade!

Now, 6’2” Jack is planning a hiatus for the next two years to allow his muscles to mature, work on his weaker areas, gain mass and get even more ripped.

Then, in 2016, he plans to return to the scene bigger, leaner and better ready to compete and win…

Training Split

I change up my program every 8 weeks and this could be something simple like different muscles groups different days, switching from barbell to dumb bells or a totally new program. This keeps me motivated and keeps the body guessing. At the moment my plan is:


  • Legs


  • Shoulders


  • Back


  • Chest


  • Arms


  • Misc

Sunday: Rest

  • Rest Day

Usually start with a compound movement at a low weight as a warm up and build up to a heavy weight for a 1-3 rep max before moving onto isolation exercises and performing 4-5 sets of 8-12 reps, and end with a drop set with the last exercise.


My diet varies a lot but main meals will often include chicken and rice with veg and tomato & chilli sauce which is nice.

I also mix oats with honey and PHD ISO-7 synergy for breakfast.

Then dinner can vary, I’ll also use white and sweet potato, as well as fish and red meat in my diet.

Interview with Jack Storer

Hi Jack, thank you for taking the time to talk to us – so let’s jump straight in, how did you get into Bodybuilding?

Both my parents are in the Royal Air Force and my Dad was a big gym freak. When I was younger, we moved to Skegness and there are a lot of Bodybuilders around there so I decided I wanted to train hard too. I really put it in the gym after my GCSEs and everything kicked off from there.

What do you enjoy most and least about fitness?

I like everything about it – honestly! Least, though, when you get to a low body fat percentage and you have to diet, it gets tough mentally then. But it swings in roundabouts - when your bulking you feel fat and when you’re cutting you feel small!

What motivates you to train the way you do?

Jack Storer

Um, [laughs], seeing the constant progress. I am very competitive and I like to be the best at things so it keeps pushing me to be the best.

Proudest moment?

Probably winning my round at the World Fitness Championships at BodyPower 2014.

Why did you decide to compete and model?

Both go hand in hand, really. I thought to myself that if I’m competing, modelling is great way of getting your face out there as the judges can see what you’re like before you step on stage. On the other hand, it’s fun being able to show your hard work!

What advice would you give to someone maybe wanting to follow in your footsteps?

Probably stick at it - it’s not an easy process. A lot of people jump into the gym and if they haven’t seen results in 3 weeks they give up. But what many forget is that it’s not just about the gym, there’s nutrition, supplementation etc. If it doesn’t kick off right away you need to just keep at it.

What are your top exercises to do in the gym and why?

Bench-press, Squats and Deadlifts. They’re good for releasing natural hormones like, testosterone, which helps increase growth potential. Well, that’s how it’s worked me!

Which part of your body are you most proud of and why?

Um, my chest because it’s always been my natural strong point in terms of strength.

What’s the content of your fridge like?

Jack Storer

My fridge has a lot of broccoli, chicken, lean meats, rice and couscous.

Tell us more about your post workout nutrition…

I like to eat white rice because the fat free carbs can get into your muscles straight away. I’d also eat fried egg white – because it’s a quick protein – and 2 full egg omelettes. There’s lots of good cholesterol and fats in there. Oh, and some mussels for flavour.

What’s your supplementation like?

I don’t use a lot especially when I’m bulking. I tend to look on them as that extra nutrition to get things quickly post workout. I do love my pre workout though…

How do you like to “cheat”?

I don’t really “cheat” so much, I have a high carb day once a week to keep my metabolism high, but I always miss bread. My favourite type is the type with Nutella on it!

When you’re trying to cut do you prefer to do HIIT training or steady state cardio – and why?

I do a little bit of both but at different times. I tend to do HIIT training in the morning when my body fat percentage is high; although when I have a low body fat I struggle with HIIT training.

Jack Storer Meals

What training and dietary advice would you give to someone looking to get shredded but not necessarily compete?

To lose weight it’s all about the calorie deficit! And stick at it, it’s not a quick process and it’s tough to maintain muscle mass. If you do it too quickly you could lose all that muscle you spent time building so you need to keep reducing calories and carbohydrates continually to lose body fat rather than plateauing quickly.

Who were your bodybuilding heroes and how did they inspire you?

As clichéd as it is, it’s Arnie – we’re a similar skeletal frame and he’s achieved so much. I also look up to Steve Cook, Ryan Terry and Rob Riches.

Rob’s not too big, but has that natural healthy look as opposed to the modern day bodybuilders who are massive! They look so impressive but, personally, I wouldn’t want to have that physique.

Favourite activities and hobbies when you’re not in the gym?

I play guitar - love doing that. But then I also enjoy just hanging out with my friends and watching too much telly. Can’t get enough of Game Of Thrones, I’m a bit nerdy like that!

What’s next for you?

I recently competed in the Drug Free Bodybuilding Championships and ended up tying in First although the low and high scores were added back in to break the tie and I walked away with second instead.

Now, though, I’m taking 2 years off to prepare for UKBFF in 2016. I’m only 19 and my muscle maturity and size isn’t enough at the moment to succeed against the older guys. So I want to spend the next few years building on maturity and gaining some more promotion.