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10 Tips To Stay Fit This Christmas

  • Christmas is coming, and it’s customary to let your hair down a bit when it comes to the diet.

  • You’ve worked hard all year, now it’s time for you to eat a small town’s worth of food in one sitting. You deserve it!

  • But how do you treat yourself, and ensure you don’t get that classic Christmas belly? Here are 10 Musclefood tips.

1. Drink in moderation

christmas punch

Let’s get the boring one out the way. You already know the adverse effects of alcohol on the body – no need to cut it entirely, just enjoy in moderation.

2. Drink a lot of water instead

glass of water

Feeling hungry? Down a glass of water instead and satiate your appetite. It could also prevent a hangover if you drink a fair few pints.

3. Prioritise your workouts

workout priority

Ever contemplated going to the gym, only to have your friend/family member/significant other say “don’t be a scrooge, it’s Christmas!” Don’t feel peer pressure to skip that session – go early in the morning while everyone is still sleeping.

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