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10 Tips To Stay Fit This Christmas Page 3

7. Pick and choose your treats

box of chocolates

When it comes to cheats, be choosy. If you want to treat yourself for all that hard work, you should go big.

8. Don’t skip those strength workouts

weight lifting

It’s so easy to forget strength workouts during your Christmas holidays. Set reminders to do your weight training, to maintain that muscle mass you worked hard to get.

9. Set realistic goals

Weight rack

Let’s be honest – you won’t achieve any overly ambitious fitness goals over the Christmas holidays. Be realistic and be happy with what you achieve.

10. Enjoy yourself

Christmas dinner

Trying to stop yourself from eating the good stuff? That’s not going to happen when a gorgeous Gressingham Turkey, hand-rolled Pigs In Blankets and all the trimmings are put in front of you! Be realistic in your diet plan, enjoy the food you love and control the portions.

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