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Study Shows Watching Euro 2016 On The TV Can Help You Lose Weight

We all fear the beer belly while watching the Home Nations play in Euro 2016 – it’s common to put on a few pounds when spending a lot of time watching football on the telly.

Turns out that’s not true at all… A study by LiveIt Health has shown that watching a match on telly can actually help you burn up to 740 calories. Watch the pre- and post-match analysis too, and you could even lose more calories than having a gentle kick about on your own!

Men watching football on the television

So we know what you’re thinking – how does that even work!? Well, all of that excitement and tension you feel during the match sends your blood pressure into overdrive. That is what encourages your body to burn more calories than playing a relaxing game of football with mates.

BUT… Don’t take this as permission to sit your way through all 50+ matches of Euro 2016, because this doesn’t take into account just how many calories you consume while watching.

A further study showed the ugly truth… Thanks to all the footie snacks like pizzas and pies, plus the extra units of booze, you could pile on a whopping 10lb during the tournament – eating up to 5,000 calories per match!

And let’s not even begin to mention the comfort eating if we go through the post-Euros blues of being knocked out…

Luckily, we have a fix for this. Pie lovers rejoice, because we’ve created the world’s FIRST High Protein Pulled Beef Pie – containing 30% MORE protein and 90% LESS sat fat than your favourite store bought pie.

Or maybe you’re more partial to pizza? No trouble, because we’ve got you covered there too with our Mighty Meaty Protein Pizza! That’s right… This little beauty is full of succulent flavour, but comes with nearly 70% LESS calories than your standard takeaway pizza.

Muscle Food Mighty Meaty Protein Pizza

Plus, if you’re looking for something less greasy and snackier during game time, check out our Toritos nachos for a high protein hit with a small serving of carbs!

So join us for some real guilt-free snacking, while shedding a surprising amount of calories while watching the footie on the sofa!

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