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Give Planet Earth The Christmas Present Of Being Environmentally Friendly – 5 Tips To Stay Sustainable

  • The planet gives you the gift of vast open spaces with beautiful views. This Christmas, it’s time to give back.

  • Now, I’m not trying to sound intentionally “hippy” here! Follow these five simply tips and you could not only help the environment, but save yourself some money in the process.

1. Learn to love the Brussel Sprout

brussel sprouts

Many of you dodge them, either for their taste or the sometimes explosively gassy side effects, but Brussel Sprouts are a great seasonal vegetable!

Not only are they good for your body, but they do good for the environment too. Enjoy!

2. Rock the Christmas Jumper and crank the heating down

christmas jumper

Christmas Jumper Day may not be here yet, but that’s no reason to NOT put it on now.

Keep toasty without the heating on so high. The planet will thank you for it!

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