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Takeaway Pizza Has The Same Effect On Your Brain As Crystal Meth!

Ever wondered what actually goes on inside your bod when you’ve finished chowing down your favourite takeaway pizza?

After all, pizza (especially the takeaway kind) is the go to cheat meal of many a bodybuilder, fitness fan and athlete and who doesn’t love the thought letting go for one meal of the week and sitting down with a large pizza pie, smothered in cheese, packed with taste bud tickling flavour and general feel good yumminess.

It’s only one meal – what harm could it do?

Well, more than you’d think…

Takeaway Pizza

From bliss to heart burn…

1 minute – Instant Satisfaction

Your taste buds are positively tingling and you’re probably feeling pretty darn satisfied. You can still taste the delicious dough, tangy tomato sauce and gorgeous melted mozzarella…

10 minutes – Pizza Bliss

Your brain is in a state of pizza bliss all thanks to the +2000 calories you’ve munched forcing your brain to release feel good chemicals, like dopamine. This affects your brain in the exact same way as Crystal Meth!

20 minutes – Sugar Rush

Takeaway pizzas are carb heavy - +210g! – and packed with added sugar – 6 teaspoons! – Both force blood sugars to soar and insulin to rapidly spike. This is called postprandial hyperglycaemia. The liver begins transforming all that sugar into fat.


30 minutes – Unquenchable Thirst

Takeaway pizza has at least 2.7g of sodium. That’s +7g of salt - 1g OVER the Recommended DAILY Intake. This huge amount causes Hypernatremia – an electrolyte imbalance where you have far too much sodium compared to water in your blood. The result? Dehydration!

35 minutes – Heart & Kidney Overdrive

Hypernatremia makes it harder for kidneys to filter water from the blood, prompting your heart to beat faster and harder raising your blood pressure and increasing your chance of stroke and heart attack.

45 minutes – The Hunger is Back

Fast food makes you crave more fast food as it’s packed with addictive artificial ingredients (E481, E920, Bakery enzyme?!). These additives also just so happen to con your bod into thinking it’s hungry again which, if you give in, is setting you on a path to obesity!

60 minutes – Stodgy Tum & Heart Burn

Heart Pain

Your pizza bliss has given way to tummy upset as your digestive system slows way down thanks to the greasy additions of sunflower oil, rapeseed oil, high fat cheese and other unnatural ingredients. It could take up to 72 hours to fully digest the pizza.

Due to the +50g of fat and +27g of sat fat, you’re highly likely to get heartburn as the stomach is too full of junk food and not digesting it fast enough. The stomach produces more acid and the rest is history…

60 minutes – Gluttony Guilt

That “oh I really didn’t need that” feeling is upon you. But worse is happening… Your body’s ability to oxidise glucose is reduced and your metabolism slows. You have very few, if any, useful vitamins and minerals.

Most of your body’s systems are under strain. You’ve bolstered your chance of Chronic Disease and damaging free radicals are roaming free.

So, not only do you put a healthy dent in all your progress for the week but you probably ruin you’re the next 72 hours too.

Are those 10 minutes of pizza bliss really worth it?

Don’t want to give up your treat?

Protein Pizza

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