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The Taste of Paradise

Specially Created Summer BBQ Meat Range
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Our Story

Perfected Over Generations

After experiencing exquisite fresh flavours from local BBQ's across the Bahama's, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean islands we noticed one thing... Recipes for flavours like this aren't readily available. These flavours are embedded in the family history, perfected over generations and aren't easily accessible.

So, after many months of learning the history, working with & chatting to many locals we manage to bring over 100+ year authentic recipes into your home & dishes to enjoy.

The Product Range

Tropical Chicken Steaks

The BBQ product of 2017! Expertly cut into generous 141g steaks & smothered in authentic, home-made marinades that can be summed up in 1 word... heavenly! Available in exquisite BBQ summer flavours like sweet Coconut & Lime or cheeky Mojito - up your BBQ game today!

Melt In The Middle Burgers

Oh my cheesy goodness, these will blow your mind! Forget cheese on-top of burgers, pssssst! Experience paradise with our heavenly NEW Melt-in-the-Middle burger range that literally melts in your mouth... we're lost for words!

Outstanding Buttered Steaks

The perfect partnership... Beautiful slow aged Beef and melting flavoured Butters, oh yes! Inspired by local merchant BBQ's in the back-streets of South America, our Chimichurri butter has been a family secret since the 1960's... Plus other divine flavours too!

Fresh Marinated Chicken

After sampling ten's of authentic Caribbean & South American grillmasters BBQ's we decided there were meats we simply couldn't miss out on... Beautifully marinaded Spatcock's, ready to make marinated Chicken Skewers, finger lickin' good Wings and more.

The Culture

Meet Gerome

Ever since 1968 when Gerome was 11, he has been manning the families oil drum BBQ, because to Gerome no two things matter more than family & great food. Gerome has been serving their locally famous Mojito Chicken recipe to thousands of visitors weekly as it's still as popular as ever.

Fortunately we were able to help man the famous family BBQ and get a cheeky insight into how this seriously delicious, famous family recipe has been created down the generations.

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Tropical Chicken Steaks
Melt In The Middle Burgers
Outstanding Buttered Steaks
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