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How To Get The Perfect Bum

By Melody Coleman

  • When it comes to working out, one of the main goals is to achieve the perfect bum
  • But how do you get there? Fitness expert Melody Coleman gives us the top tips
The Perfect Bum

Wherever you stand on the scale of "I dream of being the proud owner of a butt so big I have to live the rest of my life in XL leggings" to "I don't give a tiny rat's a**", there's no ignoring the fact that the bubble butt is in fashion, and it's not going anywhere anytime soon.

On a daily basis, glossy images of impossibly round and perky backsides are thrust in our faces through our TVs and iPhone screens. They plaster billboards around town, donning the latest fashion and fitness apparel, and glare appraisingly at us from shop windows.

Those sporting particularly impressive behinds on popular social media networks like Instagram fast become the object of our fascinations, and even glean C-list celebrity status off the back of them.

It's an asset that's in high demand these days - everybody wants a juicy round booty to squeeze laboriously into a pair of yoga pants - but how many of us are actually incentivised to put in the work required to build one?

Aside from those who pay cold hard cash for the pleasure of a fully portable personal cushion, and those with the genetic makeup to store disproportionate amounts of body fat around their butt, most people have to put in substantial time and effort to build a good strong bum.

It seems that many people just aren't aware of the many modern techniques and training concepts available to them when going about building a 5-star booty.

Thousands of hours spent working in the gym with a diverse range of both women and men helping to improve the shape, firmness, and lift of their behinds allow me to highlight one key element that is overlooked across the board when it comes to gluteal development, and it has a bit of a twist...

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