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The Perfect Bum

Training in 3 planes

Let me begin by discussing the concept of training in three planes. You may have come across this programming approach before, likely from one of an emerging breed of trainers and coaches following a functional approach to fitness.

A tri-planar strategy is certainly a sound basis for a well-rounded programme. More and more fitness pros are catching on, and even big industry names such as Best's Bootcamp in London employ this methodology as a cornerstone of their training philosophies.

It boils down to this: when you are training your butt, you are training your hip joint. Your glutes, one of the primary muscles controlling the hip joint, allow it to perform movement in all three planes:

Hip extension in the saggital plane;

Hip abduction in the frontal plane;

Hip external rotation in the transverse plane.

"Whoa, whoa, slow down," you say. "What the hell does that even mean? What machine do I use for that?"

Well, here are some example exercises to highlight what each of these three movement types might entail. It's simpler than you may think:

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