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Can’t Work out Without A Good Beat? Here’s Why – The Psychology Of Workout Music

By Ben White

  • When it comes to working out, one of the essential pieces of kit is music – the lyrical driver to many exercises
  • Whether it’s EDM or a dash of Metal, we all have our handpicked jams to keep us motivated
  • But why does music help us? Ben White looks into the psychology of workout music

Now I think I'm pretty safe when I say that 99.9% of people listen to music when they work out. It's just what you do.

I am also pretty sure I can say that when you forget your headphones, the workout is never as good as usual.

I know all of these things apply to me... I've got specific songs for heavy sets that really put me in the zone and different songs for running. I've even got pre workout playlists to get me fired up before I even get to the gym!

This is all very well and good being able to say that it works, but the question - and the reason behind this article - why does music help your workout?

The Psychology Of Workout Music

Why does music help performance?

Music has emotional motivation qualities. What this basically means is when you listen to music, it gives your emotions a kick and heightens them above their normal state.

If you're feeling sad and you listen to sad music, it tends to make you feel even worse. This is why when you listen to the usual workout style music you feel more motivated to train harder.

Studies have shown that the correct music when training will increase power, endurance and productivity by up to 15%, that's a pretty huge improvement!

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