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MF Champions 2016

Looking for to get in shape this year? Take a look at our 5 Superstars from 2016 who made unbelievable life changing transformations. Just reading ONE of these stories will give you the inspiration to SMASH your New Year’s Goals. Will you be the MF Superstar of 2017?

James Vincent
Breaking your back and losing a leg in a 90mph Motorbike collision would normally be the end of most people’s reams for peak fitness.
But not for James Vincent… After his horrific accident in 2009, James (goes by Jay) spent three weeks of his life in a coma, followed by a further six months in hospital.
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Kirsty Sadler
She’s been busy with her transformation story in the press, but none of this success probably matches up to overcoming her anxiety and depression with fitness.
At the point of suicidal thoughts and clinical obesity, she visited a psychologist who quickly taught her that looking after your physical health is intrinsically linked to transforming your mental health.
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Simon Ducker
While some of these stories are transforming in the face of overwhelming physical adversity. But other stories, like Simon Ducker’s, starts with wiping the smug grin off a school bully’s face.
Losing an incredible 12 stone and taking his body fat down to as low as an amazing 6%, Simon transformed his body in just 10 months – smashing it at the gym!
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Daniel Wheeler
The most impressive part of Daniel’s transformation isn’t the 50kg weight loss, or the ever-increasing muscle mass. It is the fact he changed his life for the better.
He became dissatisfied with his unhealthy lifestyle and body, and so, he embarked on a fitness course that would change his life forever.
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Sasha Firth
Being thin doesn’t mean hitting the running machines – don’t be a cardio bunny. Sasha Firth proved her friends wrong by becoming fit and healthy!
Fascinated by the fitness industry, she began lifting weights at her local gym and quickly felt the improvements of improved tone, definition and muscle mass.
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