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Ellis Cox Transformation Interview

From skinny 53kg kid to 93kg muscle-bound Insta-Star – Ellis Cox may only be 23 years old, but he’s achieved a lot in that time!

In his own words he was a, “really really skinny kid,” with no confidence and absolutely hated the way he looked.  An avid rugby player, and tired of playing against guys he felt “genetically modified grown men,” he decided enough was enough.

He didn’t want to be skinny any longer, and so, he set about gaining some serious mass.


What triggered your transformation?

I used to be a really, really skinny kid, and I was quite tall as well which just made me look even skinnier, and I HATED the way I looked. I was so shy and introverted and had no self confidence.

I played a lot of rugby and was always the skinniest guy on the team playing against what felt like genetically modified grown men. So I decided I didn't want to be skinny anymore, I wanted to be happy with the way I looked, I was fed up of always walking in a room and being the skinniest lad in there.

I'm sure a lot of it was just down to my self confidence and nobody even cared but that's how I felt back then.

So I told myself I'll get in the gym and do my best to build a respectable physique, I didn't want to get ‘hench’ I just didn't want to be skin and bone.

What did you do to transform/change?

To start my journey, I actually didn't go straight to the gym - I went straight to the computer and watched a few YouTube videos and copied someone's exact workout – I wrote it all down, reps, sets, exercises and copied it.

At the gym, I became extremely aware that the weights the person I watched on YouTube lifted were a lot heavier than I could manage.

I forced myself to the gym around 3 times a week after school and made no changes to my diet but obviously was eating more as working out always makes me hungry. I didn't even know I needed to change it!

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