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Trapped by Tupperware?

By Jennifer Bulcock

  • Do you feel like your life is run by Tupperware containers of lunch?
  • Things can get pretty dull when following a strict diet
  • Nutrition consultant, Jennifer Bulcock, shows us how to break free from the trappings of Tupperware, to lead a truly balanced and healthy life.

"If you fail to prepare, then be prepared to fail"

I see this posted on social media- usually juxtaposed with rows of Tupperware tubs, filled with rather boring and unimaginative looking foods.

As a busy mum, I know how important having structure is. 

Trapped by Tupperware

It helps us to keep on top of all the tasks that could easily become lost in disordered family chaos. 

Let’s be honest, family life can be a jumble of sleep deprivation, stress and repeated repetition!!

When I started my own fitness journey several years ago, I found myself following bodybuilding and bikini models for inspiration.

I truly believed that I needed to eat six meals a day from Tupperware tubs, usually filled with rather un-enticing foods, (steamed chicken and broccoli), the epitome of bro Science!

Looking back now, I can honestly say that I was indeed, trapped…

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