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Trapped by Tupperware?

I thought that I needed to eat at the same time each day to avoid muscle catabolism. I spent my evenings prepping all my food in tubs ready for the next day. Stacked up in my humongous food bag that I carried around with me, almost as a status symbol!

For many, including myself, a simple task of prepping meals easily slipped into restrictive eating habits. The problem then is, it could become a very slippery slope, potentially leading to the onset of an eating disorder.

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Planning days or social events became stressful; “if my next meal is at 6pm, and we’re meeting at 5, how am I going to eat my Tupperware meal”. This restrictive structured eating began to have a negative effect on my life.

I organised my life around when I needed to eat my set meals, ensuring I avoided any risk of eating “bad” foods.

I’d made myself a prisoner of my own eating habits. The slightest chance of breaking free, would result in a binge.

Certainly not a healthy relationship with food.

Prepping food does make sense though. Especially from a cost point of view. 

However, as I saw quite recently from an old friend, Olly Foster- Personal Trainer, who has himself been through a journey with eating habits and food prep. He posted that he no longer preps his food.

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Out there, in the real world, you can get hold of foods and meals to meet your needs. In fact, he explained how he has a much better relationship with food, all because of his decision to be free from Tupperware.

I couldn't agree more!

If you live in the real world, you can eat real food!

Want to look fit toned and muscular? This is achievable eating 'normal food'.

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