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Don’t Try To Be A Hero

By Phil Graham

The bulk of your mental energy must be focused on ensuring you achieve quality-loaded movements rather than fear of being crushed.

If you put more weight on the bar than you can handle, you’re simply straining your system, encouraging bad habits, limiting range of motion and increasing your risk of injury.

Looking impressive in the gym may be important to you but the reality is your best shot at making a good impression with your body is outside the gym.

Load appropriately – train your body not your ego.

Man Exercising

Sam Whitaker

About Phil

Renowned competitive body builder, Sports Nutritionist and Author Phil Graham (BSc, CSSN) has established himself as one of UK’s leading fitness educators and coaches. He has helped coach and inspire a diverse range of clientele ranging from personal trainers, everyday members of the public right through to professional athletes across a wide variety of sports.

Phil is the author of the world’s first Diabetic body building and Fitness Guide – The Diabetic Muscle and Fitness Guide

Phil educates 1000's of personal trainers each year through his seminars, workshops and attendance at some of the world’s largest health and fitness exhibitions. He actively writes for almost every major fitness publication, hosts the ever popular Podcast Elite Muscle Radio Podcast (available on iTunes) and works as Genetic Supplements resident nutrition expert for product development.

Phil’s coaching and personal training is based in Belfast Northern Ireland, he also offers online consultancy for those that cannot reach him locally.

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