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True American Barbecue Hamper:

  • 2 x 6-7oz Grass Fed Rump Steaks
  • 2 x 6-7oz Grass Fed Sirloin Steaks
  • 1kg of Succulent, Juicy Pulled Pork Joint

Plus These...

  • 6 x 75g Meaty Pork Sausages
  • 4 x 4oz Lean Steak Burgers
  • 500g of Sweet Potato Fries

Plus These FREE...

  • 1 x 260g Smokey Barbecue Sauce
  • Expertly Cut on Day of Despatch
  • Fresh Delivery, Not Frozen


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Was £53.39 Now Just £20
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Our unique packaging is independently tested to keep your super tasty, lean meats at the right temperature for 48 hours. With years of experience and thousands of happy customers we KNOW how to ensure your order gets to you in perfect condition.

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The before price is based on the current RRP for the items in the pack. If you purchased all these items separately, you would pay up to £53.39. So you can try our stunning True American Barbecue Hamper we've discounted this hamper to just £20.

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Great Taste Award Winner Free Range
RSPCA Freedom Food GMO Free
True American Barbecue Hamper

2 x 6-7oz Irish Grass Fed Rump Steaks

The most succulenet and delicious rump steaks you will ever taste… matured for 21 days for extra flavour, each steak contains 36.7g protein and less than 8g fat per steak. Simply stunning!

RRP: £12.00
Overall Weight: 12-14oz
21.6g Protein per 100g

2 x 6-7oz Irish Grass Fed Sirloin Steaks

You will love these sirloins! They come from the finest Grass Fed cattle, meaning you will receive 36.6g protein punch and 4 x Omega 3 levels than grain fed steaks. Classically, hand cut fresh to order like all our others!

RRP: £14.00
Overall Weight: 12-14oz
21.5g Protein per 100g

1kg Pork Shoulder for Pulled Pork

An enormous 1kg Pork Shoulder Joint ready boned and rolled... all you need to do is slow cook for 6 hours and you have the most succulent and juicy pulled pork you've ever tasted!

RRP: £9.95
Overall Weight: 1kg
23.0g Protein per 100g

6 x 75g Meaty Pork Sausages (454g)

Super succulent and super meaty... our Pork Sausages are proper gourmet sausages which contain 10.9g protein per serving. You willo love them whatever you serve them!

RRP: £5.00
Overall Weight: 454g
10.9g Protein per 100g

4 x 4oz Lean Steak Burgers

These are proper burgers, made from 90% lean steak trimmings not cheap cut-offs which some competitors use - plus with 21g protein each, they are still leaner than most supermarket burgers.

RRP: £8.00
Overall Weight: 2x4oz
18.9g Protein per 100g

500g Skinny Sweet Potato Fries

Healthy fries! Yes, they are back on the menu with our ready prepared Sweet Potato Fries - packed with good slow-release carbs and micronutrients!

RRP: £3.49
Overall Weight: 500g
0g Fat per 100g

1 x 260g Jack Daniels Original BBQ Sauce

Pour all over your gorgeous meats in this hamper and thank yourself later... you know Jack Daniels leads the way when it comes to authentic barbecue sauces!

RRP: £2.95
260g Bottle
Smoky Flavour

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