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Gourmet Christmas Breakfast:

• 6 x 75g Cumberland Sausages
• 14 x 25g Breakfast Bacon Medallions

Spectacular Christmas Dinner:

• 3-3.5kg Luxury Fresh Turkey Hen
• 14 x 25g Streaky Bacon Rashers
• 8 x 56g Cumberland Chipolatas
• 454g Pork Sausage Meat - for Stuffing!

Fresh Christmas Veggies!

• 1kg Whole Roasting Potatoes
• 1kg Whole Carrots
• 500g Brussel Sprouts

And These Extras:

• 2 x £5 musclefood Vouchers
• Your Choice of Delivery Date
• Christmas Week Delivery Available
• Hand Prepared on Day of Despatch

Luxury Fresh Christmas Hamper!

Luxury Fresh Turkey Hamper
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