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Nandos Hamper
Was £41.44 Now Just £20

Ultimate Peri Peri Selection:

  • 4 x 8-9oz Chicken Breast Fillets
  • 2 x 6-7oz Grass Fed Rump Steaks
  • 5 x 80g Lean Diced Beef Steak
  • 5 x 75g Premium Diced Chicken Breast

Wait! There's more!!

  • 250g Gorgeous Halloumi (10 Slices)
  • 500g Diced GMO Free Sweet Potato
  • 500g Fresh GMO Free Coleslaw Mix

Plus These FREE...

  • 1 x Nando's BBQ PERi PERi Medium Rub
  • Expertly Cut on Day of Despatch
  • Fresh Delivery, Not Frozen


- £21.44 Discount

Was £41.44 Now Just £20
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Our unique packaging is independently tested to keep your super tasty, lean meats at the right temperature for 48 hours. With years of experience and thousands of happy customers we KNOW how to ensure your order gets to you in perfect condition.

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The before price is based on the current RRP for the items in the pack. If you purchased all these items separately, you would pay up to £41.44 So you can try our Ultimate Peri Peri Selection we've discounted this hamper to just £20.

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Great Taste Award Winner Free Range
RSPCA Freedom Food GMO Free
Ultimate Peri Peri Selection Hamper

4 x 8-9oz Premium Chicken Breasts

You will not find chicken breasts THIS succulent and delicious anywhere... no added salt or water, hand trimmed and 2014 Great Taste Award winning! Sprinkle on your Nando's rub and welcome to high protein heaven!

RRP: £10.00
Overall Weight: 32-36oz
22.0g Protein per 100g

2 x 6-7oz Grass Fed Rump Steaks

You will LOVE these steaks! They taste deliciously rich and buttery... And simply melt in your mouth, they are so tender. Classically, hand-cut by expert butchers... You will hardly believe they contain only 4.3g sat fat per steak. 

RRP: £12.00
Overall Weight: 12-14oz
21.6g Protein per 100g

5 x 80g Extra Lean Diced Steak

This makes the most delicious and lean kebabs - with 21.3g protein and only 3.4g fat per 100g serving! You will make 5 large kebabs from this 400g pack... No need to slow cook for hours, these are naturally tender!

RRP: £4.95
Overall Weight: 400g
21.3g Protein per 100g

5 x 75g Diced Chicken Breast

Super lean and super tasty, our Diced Chicken Breast is perfect for skewering! Your large 375g pack will make 5 generous kebabs... Or stick them in tortillas for the most stunning Nando's wrap!  

RRP: £4.99
Overall Weight: 375g
22g Protein per 100g

250g Gorgeous Halloumi (10 Slices)

You will love these! All the way from our award-winning Cypriot producer, the taste is simply incredible! Cut your into slices, grill quickly... And you are for an absolute treat.

RRP: £4.99
Overall Weight: 250g
22.0g Protein per 100g

500g Diced GMO Free Sweet Potato

Super fresh and nutrient packed Diced Sweet Potato for you to make STUNNING, creamy Sweet Potato Mash! You will love this with your succulent steaks.

RRP: £2.50
Overall Weight: 500g
Naturally Sweet

500g Fresh GMO Free Coleslaw Mix

Brand new to Muscle Food... making your own healthy coleslaw just got SO MUCH easier. This Fresh Coleslaw Mix is 100% shredded white cabbage and carrots... Mix with low fat mayo and you're good to go!

RRP: £3.00
Overall Weight: 500g
GMO Free

1 x Nando's BBQ PERi PERi Medium Rub

Good news fitness fans – you can now get that NANDO's flava' at home with this NEW to Muscle Food BBQ Peri Peri seasoning!

RRP: £1.49
25g Sachet
Gluten Free

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