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8 “Unhealthy” Foods Which Are Actually Pretty Good For You

By Ben Coomber

If you’ve ever been on the internet before, chances are you’ve stumbled across a list article or two about nutrition. They usually have such catchy titles as “10 foods to never eat” or “5 Healthy foods that will make your head explode”.

There seems to be a lot of general negativity in the world of health and food, with everyone appearing (on the surface at least) to want to cut out more foods than everyone else because that guarantees victory, optimal health and great abs.

Well, that’s not the case – not at all.

Truth is, there aren’t many foods out there which are objectively ‘bad for you’ and in the hunt for them we seem to have caused some collateral damage which I’d like to attempt, here, to un-do.

Here are my top 8 foods which generally appear on “DON’T EAT THAT” lists but which, really, aren’t so bad after all.

Some of them may not be the absolute best option every time, of course, but nutrition isn’t black and white – it’s a big old grey spectrum which changes all of the time depending on a massive amount of context.

Forgetting that is why we have spurious ‘superfoods’ and why you may have been told some of the below causes instant death.

Both ideas are misguided, so put down to Goji berries and let’s start re-introducing some old favourites.

Fry up Breakfast

White Potatoes

White potatoes, in recent years, have been WAY overshadowed by their orange-y sweet cousins, the sweet potato.

The interesting thing is, nobody seems to actually have any idea why. Perhaps it’s because white potatoes are white and the advice to ‘avoid white carbs’ (which I’ll talk about in a second) swept them along for the ride?

Maybe it’s one or two epidemiological studies that show that people who eat them (including people who eat copious amounts of the deep fried, chipped variety or the deep stuffed, bacon sprinkled, breaded sort, and the occasional reformed waffle…) end to be fatter than those people who tend to not eat them.

Funny, that…

Whatever the reason, the white potato has taken a really undeserved beating, and that beating is SO undeserved they make the top of this list.

Not only are potatoes really rich in fibre, potassium and vitamin C, they rank higher than ANY OTHER CARBOHYDRATE in terms of satiety (how full you feel).

Boiled white potatoes are, calorie for calorie, more filling than broccoli, than chicken breast and even more so than the sweet potato which has been considered the dieter’s friend.

White Potatoes

Bake ‘em, roast ‘em, bake ‘em with some olive oil and herbs to make chips or simply boil, cool and throw on a salad. It’s time to welcome back the sweet potato’s pasty alter-ego, and we probably owe it an apology too.


Jamie Lloyd


About Ben

Ben Coomber is a performance nutritionist (BSc, ISSN), educator, speaker and writer.

Ben run’s Body Type Nutrition, an online nutrition coaching company that also runs a multi-level, online nutrition course, the BTN Academy. Ben has the UK’s #1 rated health and fitness podcast on iTunes ‘Ben Coomber Radio’ with regular Q&A’s and expert interviews. Ben also owns Awesome Supplements, a brand offering clarity in the confusing world of supplements. Connect with Ben over on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or Instagram.

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