British Red Tractor Assurance is available on selected products.

Our high welfare British Veal is RSPCA Assured.


Cooking Your Veal

  • Veal Mince

    1. Remove Veal Mince from the packaging and place into a cold frying pan, being sure to distribute the meat evenly.
    2. Turn the pan up to a high heat and cook the meat, stirring frequently for 6 minutes.
    3. Check there is no pink meat and the food is piping hot before serving.
    4. Veal Mince can be used as a leaner alternative to beef mince in your Spaghetti Bolognese.

  • Veal Stir Fry Strips
  • Veal Escalopes
  • Veal Meatballs
  • Veal Chop