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Weight Control

To reduce bodyfat, you need to use more calories than you take in. This should be achieved through a combination of diet and regular exercise. When trying to burn fat you must maintain a well-balanced and highly nutritious diet as well as an excellent training programme.

By burning more calories than you consume, you run the risk of using your muscle as an energy store.

Build Lean Muscle

Meal frequency is also essential as regular meals help you curb cravings and provide a constant stream of essential nutrients for your body.

Meal replacements are designed to give you all the essential nutrients you need from a meal in one convenient shake.

Fat loss supplements help boost your metabolism thus converting stored body fat into energy your body will use.

Your body needs Protein regardless of your training goal. Fat loss is no different.

If you’re attempting to lose fat to show muscle, you need the protein to help build and repair them. MuscleFood has an excellent rang of lean meats for a healthy, natural source of protein or try our protein supplements for a quick fix post workout.

People have mixed views on Carbohydrates when it comes to fat loss. While some say they hinder the amount you could lose, the fact is carbohydrates provide the essential fuel your body needs to perform well. Stored as glycogen in the muscles and liver, they provide energy to your body during training. Without a good supply of glycogen, your body will end up burning muscle.

You should keep your fat intake to the essentials like CLA and Omega 3. These supplements actually aid a reduction in body fat.

MuscleFood has an excellent, cost effective range of weight control supplements that help convert stored body fat into energy your body will use.


This information is aimed to provide general guidance and should be adapted to meet your individual requirements. Consult a nutritionist or Doctor when planning your diet.

To lose fat, you must lose more calories than you take in. Cardiovascular exercise uses energy which burns calories and is therefore a proven method to reduce body fat. The more intense the exercise, the more energy is burned.

Interval training is believed to burn more fat than traditional cardio exercise. Interval training combines short bursts of maximum intensity exercise (such as sprints) with longer periods of recovery exercise (such as walking). This enables the body to burn calories faster than continuous cardio exercise as the rest periods allow the body to process lactic acid build-up, while the intense bursts rapidly burn energy.


This information is aimed to provide general guidance and should be adapted to meet your individual requirements. Always consult a qualified personal trainer when planning your training.

John Clarke, bodybuilder and personal trainer explains how he strips off the fat to get in shape for a contest:

"My off season diet and the beginning of my competition diet start off exactly the same - the only change I make at the beggining of my fat burning phase is I add cardio in to my daily regeime.

As a bodybuilder I feel it is important to keep the calories coming in to fuel the body for workouts and to prevent the body from going catabolic (muscle loss). Far too many people make the mistake of decreasing their calories far too soon in a diet and loose muscle tissue and the diet becomes a huge struggle. I much prefer to use cardio as a way of burning calories.

I start my cardio off with 20 minutes per day Monday to Friday and the session is carried out first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. My choice of cardio is always the treadmill and I always walk at a fast pace rarther than run. I monitor my weight every Sunday (on awaking) . Once my weight loss stalls or slows down I will then increase the cardio by 10 minutes per day until I get to a maximum of 60 minutes per day seven days a week. Once I have maxed out my cardio only then do I reduce my calories by taking out the food slowly in my diet if my weight loss has stalled.

The last few weeks of my diet my main protein source will come from lean chicken breasts, turkey breasts and egg whites. These souces of protein are very low in fat and are really help towards getting the last bits of fat off."