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What Drinking ONE Energy Drink Does To Your Body

Let's be honest, downing an energy drink isn't exactly the healthiest thing you can do.

It's not like they're packed with nutrients and minerals, rather they're laden with sugar, hopped up on caffeine and contain preservatives aplenty.

This is pretty common knowledge too, and if you didn't know that energy drinks are bad for you – seriously, where have you been?!

The thing is, a brand new study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association has revealed that they may even be WORSE for you than first thought...

Speaking to The Sun, lead researcher Dr Emily Fletcher. Of the US Air Force Medical Centre in Travis California, said:

We decided to study energy drinks' potential heart health impact because previous research has shown 75 per cent of the base's military personnel have consumed an energy drink.

And nearly 15 per cent of military personnel, in general, drink three cans a day when deployed, which is more than we studied here.

She added:

There are currently more than 500 energy drink products available on the market purported to boost physical and mental alertness.

In line with their increased popularity is a coinciding rise in energy drink-associated emergency department visits and deaths, which has led to questions about their true safety profile.

Due to the fact that multiple ingredients in energy drinks have the ability to alter electrophysiological properties, their sole and concurrent use needs further scrutiny.

The long-term use of energy drinks also needs particular attention.

Certain populations [those with heart conditions] may consider exercising caution when consuming energy drinks.

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