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Why Are YOU Feeling Tired All The Time? Everyday Food Is Depleting Your Energy

All of the food we consume greatly affects our energy levels. But did you know some of the most popular items we eat and drink can actually make you feel MORE tired?

It’s true! This slump of energy is usually related to what is called the glycemic index – if a serving of food is high in it, your blood sugar and insulin levels will be affected by sending it sky high and crashing pretty soon after. This drop off leads to your tiredness, and is caused by foods with a lot of refined carbohydrates in them.

Person yawning

There’s plenty of ways to change this, keep your body feeling energised and stop that tiredness.

  1. Bagels: Many bagels contain refined grains like white flower, which have been processed and are usually high on the glycemic index. How can we improve on the classic bagel? Simple – give it to Dr Zak to come up with a Multi Grain and Seed Protein Bagel!
  2. Cereal: Most cereals include high levels of sugar and refined carbohydrates – both of which have been linked to fatigue. So switch out your standard supermarket cereal for our very own Protein Crunchies! With an impressive 18.4g of low GI carbs and a high 18.2g of protein in every bowl, this will be sure to keep you going all day.
  3. Crisps: Carb-heavy and usually high in fat, bags of crisps have been linked to greater levels of sleepiness! Luckily, we have an alternative in our range of protein crisps… Personally, got to say I have the most love for Smokey Barbecue Zippers – they’re just like Nik Naks and Twiglets, only without all the nasty carbs and a HUGE 15g of protein in every bag.


Do you have any food or drink that makes you tired? Well, let us know what to avoid on Facebook and Twitter!

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