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What Happens When You Take A Rest Day

We’ve all been there. Rest day rolls around and you feel at a bit of a loss with what to do with yourself because, let’s face it, what the France are you meant to do with all this free time?!


The thing is, rest days are really super duper important for the sake of your muscle growth. If you don’t rest, you won’t grow as much as you could. It’s a simple as that.

This is because of Muscular Hypertrophy – the result of loading your muscle fibres through lifting heavy a$$ weights

Essentially, when you lift heavy, your body treats the resulting muscular hypertrophy as an injury and sets to work increasing the volume of those fibre in a bid to help you recover.

It’s important to remember that your body is in recovery mode when you rest. If you don’t take a rest day, your muscles won’t have time to recover or grow and your health as a whole may suffer.

How? Well, you may become disheartened at your supposed “lack” of results as well as increase your risk of malnutrition, injury and seriously over stressing.

Rest days are the key to bigger gains and more PRs, so don’t sneer the next time one rolls around…

Change of scene

Hitting the gym hard is great, but do it day after day and you’re going to get bored. You’ll land in a rut – it’s just a fact, everyone has been there.

But, by taking a day out of the gym, you’ll actually (most likely) want to get back there better and stronger once rest day ends.

Plus, this small step back could be the opportunity you need to rethink your gym strategy. Has there been an exercise giving you issues? Do you need to work on your range of motion? How could you up your workout game?

All these things you can ponder while your muscle grow!

Time heals all

We all know sleep is super important for maximum recovery and recuperation post training, but did you know that it’s also when your growth hormone is at its highest?.

That’s why all the big dogs insist you will make your gains in your sleep – and it’s true!

When you give yourself time to rest, your glycogen stores will be replenished, your nervous system will get to chill out and you’ll grow… fast. Most importantly you’ll be able to smash your next session!

Furthermore, whilst one day not pumping iron can seriously mess with your head for that single day, imagine if you sustained an injury that put you out for weeks, if not months?

Talk about a demotivation… so we say suck it up and allow your body and mind to heal for one day, it’ll be better for you in the long run.

Think long game, not short game

How do I move things along?


Rest days are vital. So is the right nutrition. Although it may be easy to couple your rest day and your cheat day, it may not be the wisest idea

Remember, rest days are when your body grows and recovers, so you must feed it right. Get the carbs in to replace glycogen stores, get the fats in for future energy expenditure and, obviously, get your protein in for muscle growth and repair.

Also, think micronutrients for overall wellbeing. Rest days are not the enemy, they are just as important as training days, so make the most of them to avoid burn out and gym boredom.

Besides, we’re sure you have some sort of box set to catch up, what better day to do that, right?!

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